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More Accusations of Fraud at Scott Company

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTYFor Immediate Release: Sept. 18, 2010
More Accusations of Fraud at Scott Company
The Palm Beach Post reported today on more accusations of fraud at Rick Scott’s new company Solantic.  Scott was deposed six days before he announced his candidacy for Governor over improper business practices at Solantic.  He started Solantic after being forced to resign as CEO of Columbia/HCA in what became the largest Medicare fraud case in American history. 
According to the report, Dr. Gregory Hayes, a former employee of Solantic, says, “that Solantic’s medical director asked him to inflate patients’ costs by ordering potentially unnecessary medical procedures. Hayes said he also was told to sell more of the clinic’s prescription drugs, despite cheaper alternatives at a pharmacy.” [Palm Beach Post, 9/18/10]
“A day doesn’t seem to go by without new allegations surfacing of Rick Scott overseeing potential criminal misconduct. Since he refuses to be honest with the people of Florida, and he won’t release the deposition he took just six days before kicking off his campaign, it’s clear Floridians just can’t trust Rick Scott. Not only are these new allegations disturbing, they beg the question: what else Rick Scott is hiding?” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesperson for the Campaign for Accountability 2010. 
The full Palm Beach Post article can be found here:…

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