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New Ads Underscore Rick Scott's Record of Fraud, Alex Sink's Record of Integrity

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY For Immediate Release: Sept. 29, 2010 Contact: Eric Jotkoff 813.849.8588
New Ads Underscore Rick Scott’s Record of Fraud, Alex Sink’s Record of Integrity
The Florida Democratic Party released two new ads today, “Trust” and “Integrity” that make it clear just why Floridians cannot trust Rick Scott.  Scott has spent millions of his ill-gotten gains smearing Alex Sink with ads that news reports have called deceptive, misleading, cynical, and false. Two new ads that will begin airing statewide starting today contrast Sink and Scott’s business backgrounds — and Scott’s record of corruption, fraud, and legal troubles are on full display.
“Corrupt CEO Rick Scott lies about Alex Sink’s record, while trying to hide his own, and it’s time for the truth,” said Eric Jotkoff, Spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party.  “The difference in Sink and Scott’s business records could not be clearer — while the company Rick Scott ran was forced to pay $1.7 billion in fines for defrauding taxpayers, the company Alex Sink led made $1.7 billion in loans to small businesses to create jobs.  Floridians deserve to know the truth about Rick Scott – and deserve as Governor better than someone who was forced to resign as head of a company that pled guilty to 14 felonies and who pled the fifth 75 times in one deposition to avoid incriminating himself.”
See a detailed back-up document on the new ad “Trust”, here: and the ad here:

See a detailed back-up document on the new ad “Integrity”, here: and the ad here:

More information on Rick Scott’s record can be found on

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