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Herald: Rivera Falsely Claimed To Be Endorsed By Foreign Government

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY For Immediate Release: October 12, 2010
Herald: Rivera Falsely Claimed To Be Endorsed By Foreign Government Colombian leaders blasts Rivera for making false claim
Once again, David Rivera has shown why South Florida’s families cannot trust him to lead. Miami’s El Nuevo Herald is reporting this morning that Rivera falsely claimed yesterday that he had been endorsed by the administration of President Santos of Colombia. (Click here to read a translated version of the article.) Rivera’s false claim triggered an immediate response from a top Colombian official. As El Nuevo Herald editor Manny Garcia pointed out to Rivera during a live debate with Joe Garcia yesterday, Colombian Minister of Commerce Sergio Diaz-Granados issued a statement indicating that Rivers was wrong to use the thank you note for political means. El Nuevo also pointed out that the Colombian government cannot endorse a foreign candidate for office.
El Nuevo Herald Editor Manny Garcia 10/11/10: My question is for David. Today you sent a press release claiming that “the government of President Santos supports David Rivera.” However, the minister of commerce said through his spokesperson that this letter cannot be used for political reasons. Can you explain this?
Eduardo Arango, a former Colombian Senator under the Uribe Administration, now living in Miami, issued the following statement denouncing Rivera: “Mr. Rivera has offended the Colombian American community by falsely claiming that he is backed President Santos. As El Nuevo Herald has stated, the Colombian government does not endorse foreign candidates, as this would go against the principle of self-determination. The fact that Mr. Rivera has used an official statement from the Colombian government for political ends leaves much to be desired. Colombians living in America need leaders who do not seek to use us for their political campaigns. In contrast to Mr. Rivera, Joe Garcia has demonstrated the utmost respect for our community and he fully supports the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. For this reason, he has our support.”
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