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Adams Campaign Can't Get Story Straight on Staffer's Offensive Comments

NEWS FROM THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY For Immediate Release: Oct. 21st, 2010
Adams Campaign Can’t Get Story Straight on Staffer’s Offensive Comments
Two separate news reports contained two different stories from Tallahassee politician Sandy Adams’ campaign about what one of her staffers said to a group of Bethune-Cookman University students yesterday afternoon.
According to reports by both the Daytona Beach News Journal and Central Florida News 13, as a group of 300 Bethune-Cookman University students marched to vote a Sandy Adams campaign employee reportedly remarked “Are you ready for this parade of buffoons?”
When confronted about the remarks, a Sandy Adams campaign spokesman gave two different stories to two different news outlets, telling the Daytona Beach News Journal that the staffer in question said, “You’ve got a good view of the parade from Bethune,” while telling Central Florida News 13 the staffer said, “here come the parade of Bethune.”
“Frankly, neither of these stories is convincing at all,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff. “Instead of trying to cover up her staffer’s offensive remarks, Sandy Adams should take responsibility and apologize for her employee’s harassment of these students. This type of behavior hurts our democratic process and the people of Central Florida won’t appreciate politicians who condone it.”
According to Central Florida News 13, when asked if she thought it was offensive or considered a racial slur, Bethune-Cookman University President Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed said, “I do because of my age. I integrated at the university back in the ‘60s. I was called all kinds of names and to me it’s like going back in my past.”
The full Daytona Beach New Journal article can be found HERE. Watch the Central Florida News 13 report HERE or read the written article HERE.

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