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Florida Democrats Demand Greater Transparency From Rick Scott

For Immediate Release: Dec. 21, 2010
Florida Democrats Demand Greater Transparency From Rick Scott
Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman today is calling on Governor-elect Rick Scott to exercise greater transparency with the fundraising and spending associated with his transition to office and inauguration.
Specifically, Thurman is urging Governor-elect Scott to fully disclose the names of all donors to the upcoming inauguration events and to explain whether he is violating his self-imposed contribution limit of $25,000, and to explain whether the Republican Party of Florida is making contributions larger than $25,000 for inaugural or transition-to-office events. Thurman said: “If Governor-elect Scott’s pledge of transparency is to be taken seriously, then he should insist that the public immediately be given full view of all the transition and inauguration spending, including any legal fees or other compensation that’s being paid.
“Because Rick Scott has so proudly characterized himself as an `outsider’ able to fix Tallahassee, he can improve the public’s trust of government leaders by disclosing which special interests are donating and in precisely what amounts.
“Besides promising to cut property taxes by 19 percent and creating 700,000 new jobs, Rick Scott pledged transparency and an end to special-interest influence.
“I believe that the governor-elect would do well to start by insisting upon greater transparency into his own inaugural.”

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