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Chairman Smith Reacts To Rick Scott’s Job-Killing Budget

For Immediate Release: February 07, 2011 Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411
Chairman Smith Reacts To Rick Scott’s Job-Killing Budget
Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith released the following statement reacting to Governor Rick Scott’s budget proposal:
“Today, Governor Scott proposed his jobs-killing budget, which absolutely will increase unemployment in Florida and would continue the failed Republican policies of the past decade that have left the Sunshine State with one of the worst economies in the nation.
“In addition to killing jobs, the Governor’s budget slashes funding for Florida’s children, cuts disability programs for the most vulnerable in our society, and slashes veterans funding while at the same time more than doubling spending on his personal office.  
“This budget from the Governor is a frontal assault on the quality of life of every Floridian and will not create a single job nor spur our economy forward; instead it takes us further into the economic ditch.
“It is shameful that Governor Scott is willing to put the public safety of Florida’s communities and the education of our state’s children at risk while putting more Floridians out of work.“

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