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Will Rick Scott Stand By Governor Walker's Wisconsin Power Grab?

For Immediate Release: March 11, 2011 Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411
Will Rick Scott Stand By Governor Walker’s Wisconsin Power Grab?
Today, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Eric Jotkoff called on Governor Rick Scott to denounce Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s brazen power grab stripping Wisconsin workers of their rights:
“The events of the past few days in Wisconsin are troubling not just for the workers of Wisconsin, but for people across the country and in the state of Florida. Now that Governor Walker has resorted to underhanded tactics to subvert the will of the people in Wisconsin and strip workers of their rights, the citizens of Florida voters deserve to know whether Rick Scott stands with them or with Scott Walker and his destructive, ideological agenda.”
Governor Scott has been criticized repeatedly by members of his own party for his lack of respect for the Democratic process, so it’s not difficult to imagine how he might attempt similar union-busting tactics in Florida. This question today is especially important today since other Republican politicians are working on a Constitutional amendment to strip away workers rights. 
The Democratic Governors Association today released a video featuring Governor Scott and other Republican governors distancing themselves from Walker. It can be viewed here.
Scott Distanced Himself From Walker: “’My belief is as long as people know what they’re doing, collective bargaining is fine,’ Scott said in an interview with Tallahassee’s WFLA FM radio station.” [Talking Points Memo, 2/22/11]
Scott Flip-Flopped on Collective Bargaining: “Days after Gov. Rick Scott told a Tallahassee radio station that he was supportive of collective bargaining, he now says he wishes it weren’t allowed in Florida…’It’d be great to be able to change it,’ Scott said, according to a preview of the interview posted on the Bloomberg website…If you didn’t have collective bargaining, would it be better for the state? Absolutely.’” [Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times, 2/26/11]

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