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100 Days, 100,000 Jobs Destroyed: Rick Scott’s Record As Governor


For Immediate Release: April 14th, 2011
Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411

100 Days, 100,000 Jobs Destroyed:
Rick Scott’s Record As Governor

Every week that Rick Scott is in office, he and the Republican controlled Legislature are discovering new ways to destroy jobs and hurt Florida’s economy. As Rick Scott reaches his 100th day in office, we’d like to give an answer to the question that many reporters, legislators and hardworking Floridians are asking – just how many jobs has Rick Scott’s proposals created?

To answer this question, we have launched the website

“Since taking office 100 days ago, Rick Scott actions and proposals have destroyed 100,000 Florida jobs as he works to impose his extreme agenda on our state. As Governor, Rick Scott has solely focused on pleasing the Tea Party rather than implementing commonsense solutions to bring jobs to our state. That is why the Florida Democratic Party is launching, as we work to hold Rick Scott accountable, so Floridians can see how Rick Scott’s extreme agenda is damaging Florida’s economy,”said Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith.   

The site is intended to let Floridians know just how many jobs have been lost in Florida because of the reckless approach taken by Governor Scott and an overzealous Legislature that continually puts extreme ideology before the needs of over one million working Floridians still looking for an honest paycheck.

“It’s now clear that Rick Scott’s mantra of ‘Let’s Get to Work’ wasn’t a message to Floridians, but a message to his associates ready to launch a hostile corporate takeover of our state. There are ways to create quality jobs and be both a business-friendly and people-friendly state, yet the governor has shown no interest in seeking such balance. It’s our job to work to hold him and his friends in the legislature accountable,” State Representative Rick Kriseman added.

Failed Republican budget policies over the past decade have resulted in a $3.6 billion deficit. Instead of focusing on creating jobs during the 2011 Legislative Session, Rick Scott proposed a spending plan that fails to meet the public’s needs and does real harm to middle class families.

To justify these dangerous cuts, Rick Scott and his Republican enablers have decided to play politics and attack firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and other public servants, while balancing Florida’s budget by creating a backdoor income tax on working families.


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