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Hasner, Haridopolos and LeMieux All Endorse Ending Medicare


For Immediate Release: May 10, 2011
Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411

Hasner, Haridopolos and LeMieux All Endorse Ending Medicare

With so many Republicans around the nation working to distance themselves from Republican efforts to end Medicare as we know it, Adam Hasner, George LeMieux, and Mike Haridopolos have all endorsed plans that end Medicare.

“The fact that Adam Hasner, George LeMieux, and Mike Haridopolos all support ending Medicare as Floridians know it will cause great concern for seniors across the Sunshine State. The Republican plan to kill Medicare as we know it and hand out tax breaks for billionaires could not be more misguided and dangerous, which is why Republicans across the country are now running away from this plan. We’re going to make sure Sunshine State voters understand that these Republicans are only interested in appeasing the Tea Party rather than fighting for our state,” said Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party.

LeMieux Defends Paul Ryan Plan To End Medicare: In an interview with conservative, George LeMieux supported the Paul Ryan budget, which ends Medicare as we know it by privatizing the plan. LeMieux defended the Ryan Plan, with NewsMax reporting, “He said it was essential to make it clear to seniors that any changes in Medicare will not affect them.” Later, LeMieux chose to falsely attack President Obama, rather than standing up to his party against ending Medicare, saying, “He was divisive, dishonest, and he demonized the Paul Ryan proposal.” [, 5/7/2011]

Professor Haridopolos’ other book called for privatizing Social Security,Medicare: “Throughout 10 Big Issues Facing Our Generation, Haridopolos espouses a decidedly conservative viewpoint, sometimes wading into controversial territory. ‘There must be a gradual move to a completely privatized Social Security system in order to meet the challenges presented by impending demographic changes,’ he wrote. The conservative position is that competition, not government cost controls, will lower medical costs,” the book read under the heading Medicare. ‘We must allow our seniors to choose their health care providers. They may choose an HMO, PPO or other plan. We should take government out of the equation altogether.’” [St. Petersburg Times, 5/6/2011]

Hasner Supports Eliminating Medicare as We Know It:In March 2011, Hasner said he supported privatizing Medicare. He said, “I think the Paul Ryan road map is a great beginning in terms of how to provide people with the opportunity for accessing Medicare through, I hate using the word voucher, but for lack of a better term, to be able to access Medicare that way.” [Speech to Tampa Bay Young Republicans, 3/22/2011]


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