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Miami Herald – Florida Democrats call for Marco Rubio to give up his new gig

Florida Democrats call for Marco Rubio to give up his new gig

That didn’t take long. Hours after news broke that Marco Rubio is back teaching part-time at FIU, the state’s Democratic party is calling for Rubio to “return the money to Florida’s taxpayers and resign from the job.”

“Clearly, lessons in ethics and propriety didn’t come with Marco Rubio’s move to Washington,” Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff said. “As Speaker of the Florida House, Rubio steered millions of dollars to FIU, then got a $69,000 per year sweetheart job. Now, Rubio is at it again receiving another job from his buddies at the same school. Floridians didn’t stand by Rubio’s protégé, disgraced Speaker Ray Sansom, for his improper college job, and we won’t let Rubio get away with it either. Just like he had to turn in his RPOF AmEx card, Rubio needs to stop bilking Florida’s taxpayers by immediately resigning from this job and return any money he took to Florida’s taxpayers.”

Rubio’s camp calls it a “completely expected partisan attack” and notes the job passed muster with the Democratic-led Senate Ethics Committee. And Joe Biden is still listed as a prof at the Widener School of Law….

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