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Where In The World Is Bill Young?

For Immediate Release: August 10th, 2011
Contact: Brannon Jordan, (850) 222-3411

Where In The World Is Bill Young?

Tallahassee, FL — Following the debt ceiling debate and turmoil on Wall Street, most Members of Congress have spent time listening to the concerns of their constituents … except Representative Bill Young(FL-10).  Young has not held a single town hall meeting this year, doing his best to avoid tough questions about his vote to end Medicare or his attempts to balance the budget on the backs of Florida seniors.

Bill Young has yet to announce a single event with his constituents during the “district work period.”  While his colleagues in the Florida congressional delegation have already held multiple town hall meetings in their districts, Young’s absence stands out.

“Why is Representative Young hiding from his own constituents?” said Brannon Jordan of the Florida Democratic Party.  “Floridians have lots of questions for Bill Young.  Instead of hiding from his votes to end Medicare while protecting tax breaks for oil companies and millionaires he should come out of hiding and face the music.”


Bill Young Hasn’t Issued a Press Release Since June.  As of August 9, 2011, Young hasn’t issued a press release since June 14, 2011.  [Bill Young Latest News, accessed 8/9/11]

Bill Young’s Last Town Hall was by Mail.  In January 2010, Young posted his results of his Town Hall by Mail in the Congressional Record.  [Congressional Record, 1/13/10]

Young Voted for the 2012 Republican Budget Proposal that Would “Essentially End Medicare.”  In April, Bill Young to end Medicare by supporting the Republican budget.  The Wall Street Journal reported, “The plan would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans, as a program that directly pays those bills.”  [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11]

Over 3,390,801 Million Floridians Rely on Medicare. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are 3,390,801 Medicare beneficiaries in Florida in 2011. In 2010, 18% of Florida’s population was enrolled in Medicare. Additionally, there are 134,694 seniors in Young’s district according to the Census Bureau. [Kaiser Family Foundation, accessed 7/13/11; 10thCongressional District of Florida Fast Facts for Congress; accessed 8/10/11]



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