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FLA DEMS Launches Rick Scott Email Recovery Fund


Where are the emails?

That’s the million dollar question for Gov. Rick Scott and his staff who admitted late last week that transition emails – considered public record under Florida law – were deleted.

These emails were last seen in January, a critical time in Scott’s administration when his Tea Party agenda and job-killing policies were being formed. After months of dragging their feet on a public records request, the Governor’s Office finally dropped the bomb in the dead-of-night that these emails were “accidentally” deleted.

Accident? Accident? This is the 21st century, one stop at any computer store could have solved this problem. The truth is this Governor has a proven pattern of lying to the public and has shown outright disdain for public records laws.

Help us hold this Governor accountable. Donate today to the Rick Scott Email Recovery Fund to help the Florida Democratic Party as we continue to investigate the case of the missing emails.

Floridians deserve answers and a Governor who tells the truth.


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