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Today, Rick Scott is a winner…

He was officially tapped the Worst Governor Ever.

What Floridians have known since January was reaffirmed today as Rick Scott won the Worst Governor Ever election.

Scott ran a fierce “campaign” right out of the gate by rejecting funding for high-speed rail, a strategy he continued to employee as he refused millions for healthcare leaving thousands of Floridians uninsured. His unprecedented attacks on the middle class – from cutting jobs to creating cumbersome and unnecessary obstacles to voting – gave him the umpff to surpass other “worst governor” heavyweights such as Texas Governor and now Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, and Ohio’s Governor John Kasich.

We’re also pretty sure that Scott’s recent Tea Party bandwagon support of drilling in Florida’s prized Everglades scored him a few extra votes in the final stretch.

New Times: Rick Scott Wins “Worst Governor Ever”

​Gov. Rick Scott has officially been crowned Worst Governor Ever

The Transport Workers Union of America found a way for people to vote for Scott again, as he beat out Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for the high honor.

“After Worst Governor Ever election results are certified this week, Governor Scott will soon be inaugurated as The Worst Governor Ever, live inperson, officially kicking off his term as America’s Worst Governor Ever,” the election website says.

Scott took the lead in the election during the first few weeks of August and never looked back.

Scott’s email inbox apparently ran full during the voting process — as theelection website allowed voters to send an email to their governor of choice letting them know they voted for them — so the emails were then sent to the governor’s communications director, Brian Burgess.

Here’s what that email said:

Dear Gov. Rick Scott,

I just voted for you in the Worst Governor Ever contest at because of your blatant disregard for the well being of middle-class people in Florida and your attempts to weaken the rights and services that have made our society strong.

I am fed up with being told that we can’t afford basic things like education and transportation while the wealthy get handouts. I’ve heard enough of theattacks on hard-working public employees who, unlike the bankers and Wall Street investors, did nothing to hurt the economy. Let’s not attack the teachers but build an education system that works for everyone.

What we need are jobs, quality healthcare, good education and solid retirement. That means funding infrastructure and public programs and making sure people have a voice at work and at the ballot box.

The people of Florida will hold you accountable and we will make sure everyone understands the dire impacts of your misguided policies.

Pop open the champagne, governor. You’ve been chosen as the Worst Governor Ever.

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