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FLA DEMS Chairman Rod Smith Calls on Congress to Pass the American Jobs Act


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12, 2011
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FLA DEMS Chairman Rod Smith Calls on Congress to Pass the American Jobs Act

Highlights New DNC Ads Running in Florida

Tallahassee, FL– Today, with President Obama sending the American Jobs Act to Congress, the Democratic National Committee announced it will be running new television ads in Florida. The DNC initiative also includes web ads and an interactive website for Americans to voice their support for the bill.

The new ads, titled “14 Months,” will be running in Tampa and Orlando and highlight the urgent need for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to get Americans back to work and put more money in the pockets of middle class families and small businesses.

You can watch the ads at and

The web ads, a 30 second ad named “Tomorrow” and a 15 second ad named “Relief,” will be placed on a variety of publishers and networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Huffington Post, Local News placements, and networks.  

You can watch “Tomorrow,” at and “Relief,” at

The website,, is a place people can go to learn more about the American Jobs Act, sign a petition in support of the Act, and help people call their Members of Congress asking them to vote for the legislation.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith released the following statement calling on Congress to pass President Obama’s American Jobs Act:

“The American Jobs Act is a bill that will get Floridians back to work and help spur economic growth. Congress needs to pass it right away. The American Jobs Act will cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses, keep teachers in the classroom and policemen and firefighters on the beat, rebuild our roads and bridges, and help returning veterans enter the civilian workforce. These are a set of proposals that are fully paid for and have been supported by Democrats and Republicans in the past so there is no reason for Congress to delay.

“The next election is in 14 months—Americans can not wait 14 months to save their homes and the futures. Now is the time for both sides to act in the best interest of working families, and families that want to be working.”



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