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The maps are out, the fight is on

Dear Friends,

The Republican-led Florida Senate has released their proposed redistricting maps and the results are in: incumbent protection and partisan advantage continue to reign supreme. In doing so, the GOP have chosen to thwart the will of 63-percent of Florida voters by proposing maps that represent the very things which Florida’s Constitution now prohibits.

An overwhelming majority of you voted – demanded – that these maps be drawn fairly. Frankly, these maps are nothing more than a reprint of the partisan maps passed ten years ago. If our elected officials are supposed to serve the people, then why aren’t the Rickpublicans in Tallahassee drawing fair maps that reflect the will of the people? The answer is simple: to retain the one-party control that puts corporations and special interest ahead of the middle class, as they have for over a decade.

If we want fair districts then we have to speak up and hold them accountable. Donate today to help fight these Rickpublican efforts.

We can’t sit by and watch the Florida GOP gerrymander their way to victory, not again, not when the people of Florida have spoken so loud and so clear.

Click here to make a contribution today.

With your help, we won’t stop fighting to preserve Floridians’ right to cast a ballot that counts in a district that allows their voice to be heard.



Scott Arceneaux
Executive Director, Florida Democratic Party

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