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FLA Dems Statement in Support of President Obama’s Middle Class Tax Cut

For Immediate Release: December 1, 2011
Contact: Brannon Jordan, (850) 222-3411

FLA Dems Statement in Support of President Obama’s Middle Class Tax Cut

Tallahassee, FL – The Senate is expected to vote on an extension of President Obama’s middle class tax cut package. Ahead of the vote, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux released the following statement:

“Last year President Obama lowered the payroll tax so middle class families are able to keep more of what they earn. This year, the President wants to keep that tax break and expand it. This would boost our state economy by letting approximately 9 million middle class Florida families keep more money in their pockets. But, with Republicans like Mitt Romney belittling middle class tax cuts as nothing more than ‘little band-aids,’ the Republican Party is sending a clear signal to the American people: they are willing to raise taxes on middle class Americans just to pay for more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires and big oil.  It’s shameful.

“At a time when we need to continue to rebuild the economy and restore security for the middle class, Republicans’ opposition to the payroll tax cut would mean Florida families have less money to put food on the table, buy books for college, or pay their mortgage—precisely the opposite of what our economy needs. The Republican strategy of opposing President Obama every step of the way continues to be a dangerous one for the country. It’s time for the GOP to put aside their partisan games.   I urge the Senate, including Sen. Marco Rubio, to join with President Obama and the Democrats in Congress to vote to extend and expand the payroll tax cut for middle class families.”


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