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It's been 112 days. Where are the emails?

It’s been 112 days and we haven’t heard a peep about the investigation into the “accidentally” deleted emails that document Rick Scott’s transition to the Governor’s Mansion. If it was a simple mistake, why the lengthy wait for answers? How long does it take to determine that with a slip of the finger Scott and his staff managed to – not once, not twice, but multiple times – permanently deleted records.
Or, does it make more sense that Scott, the Madoff of Medicare, might have had something to do with the deletions – especially considering it happened on practically every device the Governor owns that operates email?
I’m no investigator, but there does seem to be a common denominator – Rick Scott.

August 19, 2011:
Gov. Rick Scott’s Original Transition E-mails Accidentally Deleted, State Now Says

September 29, 2011:
E-mails Deleted from Gov. Rick Scott’s iPad as More Records Requests Go Unfulfilled

October 6, 2011:
Gov. Rick Scott E-mails ‘Cleaned Out’ From Third Source

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