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Hours After Announcing TV Ad, Romney Flaunts Endorsement from Architect of Most Extreme, Anti-immigrant State Immigration Laws

Today, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney released a Spanish-language TV ad featuring Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart, and former Rep. Lincoln Díaz-Balart. Just hours after releasing his ad, Romney touted his support from the architect of extreme, anti-immigrant laws, Kris Kobach. In response, Ambassador Luis Lauredo, released the following statement:

“Mitt Romney’s last-ditch attempt to win over Latinos is a deplorable effort to cover up the assault he has mounted on Hispanic families during his campaign.

“Just days ago, Mitt Romney promised to veto the DREAM Act if he were president, and said DREAM Act students are merely looking for a handout. Today, Romney flaunted the support of the architect of the most extreme, anti-immigrant state immigration laws, further proving he just does not understand Hispanic families and the plight that some of our relatives endure.

“This ad is clearly intended to misguide our community. If the South Florida representatives in the video expect to preserve any credibility with the Latino community and immigrant families, they will call on Romney to denounce Kobach’s support, and to embrace an agenda that is right for our families.”

“On every other issue, Romney is on the wrong end for Hispanics. Romney would turn back the clock to the very same policies that drove the economy to the edge of collapse, would do nothing to stop foreclosures, would have kept our troops in Iraq indefinitely and would shut the door on Hispanic families by cutting our access to health care and shuttering educational opportunities championed by President Obama.

“Those are not the policies and words of a candidate who is ‘with us,’ but a candidate who will work against us at every step of the way.”


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