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Tea Time For Romney?

Today Mitt Romney accepted the endorsement of one of Florida’s most radical Tea Party Republicans — Sandy Adams. Adams,  who won her election by riding the Tea Party wave of 2010, supports abolishing the 17th Amendment to the Constitution — you know, the one that let’s us vote for and elect our Senators. On top of that she’s “adamantly” opposed to stem cell research, supports privatizing Social Security and Medicare and dismissed evolution in favor of “biblical teachings.”

Adams is out of touch with Florida’s critical independents and swing voters — don’t expect this endorsement to help Romney in the critical 1-4 corridor. Is Romney proud to receive Adam’s endorsement, and if so which of her extreme positions does he support?

US Rep. Sandy Adams Endorses Mitt Romney
Orlando Sentinel, 1/18/12

“I’m honored to have Congresswoman Sandy Adams’ support,” Romney stated in the release. “As one of the history-making freshmen elected to Congress in 2010, she has been a forceful advocate for less government and empowering small businesses to create lasting economic growth. I look forward to working with Sandy in the months ahead to spread this message to all Floridians.”

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