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Statement From Fla Dems Chairman Rod Smith Deploring Marco Rubio's War On Women

TALLAHASSEE, FL —  Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith today issued the following statement deploring Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney’s support for the Rubio-Blunt Amendment, the latest measure in the GOP’s War on Women. The amendment, sponsored by Sen. Rubio, was a measure defeated today in the U.S. Senate which would have allowed an employer to deny female employees health coverage based on an employer’s religious beliefs.

Statement from FDP Chairman Rod Smith:

“Marco Rubio championed a dangerous and extreme measure which would have denied women the lifesaving health care they need. Make no mistake: Sen. Rubio, along with Mitt Romney, tried to turn women’s health care into a political football in order to advance their own extreme agenda — a shameful, partisan tactic which threatened the lives of women in our state and across our country. This dangerous legislation would have stripped a Florida woman of her ability to make her own decisions about her health care. Rubio’s attack on women was rightfully defeated.”

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