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Al Cardenas Flashback

Today, as former state Republican Chairman Al Cardenas throws his support behind embattled GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, we’re reminded of the tremendous impact his endorsement had on former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist’s failed US Senate bid.

Al Cardenas Flashback: “I urge Republicans to unite the Republican Party by standing behind Governor Crist.”

TB Times:
AUGUST 05, 2009
Rubio mentor Al Cardenas endorses Charlie Crist
Former state Republican Chairman Al Cardenas has never been especially close with Charlie Crist and is a longtime close friend of Marco Rubio‘s. So even if Rubio understands a prominent lobbyist has a hard time bucking a sitting governor, this has to sting a little:
“Today, I am pleased to announce my support of Governor Charlie Crist’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2010,” Cardenas said in a statement. “I witnessed Charlie’s energy, focus and leadership as he went on to become our Commissioner of Education and Attorney General. Governor Crist re-energized the state’s top lawyer office and took that momentum to the Governor’s Mansion. He remains one of the most popular governors in our state’s history.”
“I have a long history with Speaker Marco Rubio, personally, professionally, and politically, along with a great respect for his passion and his ability to articulate the conservative principles that we share,” said Cardenas. “ I believe Marco has waged a spirited campaign and whichever path Marco chooses he has earned and deserves our respect.
“As we look to the 2010 election cycle, I urge Republicans to unite the Republican Party by standing behind Governor Crist. With Governor Crist atop the ticket, I am confident that our party will achieve sweeping victories in 2010.“
Posted by Adam Smith at 11:56:47 am on August 05, 2009

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