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Florida Democratic Party News Clips u2014 April 10

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: RIVERA FRIENDSHIP RISKY FOR RUBIO [Politico] “Rubio’s decision to embrace Rivera is a risk. If the inquiries pick up steam, Rubio’s name could be dragged into the headlines just as Mitt Romney is considering whether to put the freshman senator on the ticket. But if Rubio distances himself from Rivera, it could amount to an act of disloyalty to one of his closest confidants and fellow Cuban-American whom he rose with through the ranks of the Florida political establishment…Democrats view Rivera as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, pointing to reported investigations by the Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service and Florida Department of Law Enforcement over his personal and campaign finances dating back to 2006.”

SEE ALSO: Marco Rubio’s DREAM Act: The new ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? [New American Media] “Now Sen. Rubio, a Cuban American who says he opposes the DREAM Act, is about to release his own version of the bill. But his stance on immigration has not gained the Florida senator widespread popularity among Latinos in the rest of the country…Meanwhile, as lawmakers introduce their own versions of the federal DREAM Act — a blatant political move in an election year — it’s unclear what will happen to the real people affected by these policies”

THEY’RE CALLING IT A “MEDIA MELTDOWN” Another thought about Connie Mack campaign’s media meltdown [SaintPetersBlog] “Now it’s not just Mack, but also his campaign that looks not-so-ready for primetime. ‘Confident campaigns don’t do that’ is what one top Republican strategist thought about Mack’s media meltdown. This person also called it ‘amateurish’ and ‘weird’, echoing a second GOP consultant who lamented about the ‘amatuer funk on that thing.’”

George LeMieux: I’m No Charlie Crist [HuffingtonPost] “Former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux (R-Fla.), known as the political mastermind behind former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, is trying to distance himself from the unpopular former governor as he campaigns to return to the Senate. Crist’s moderate stances and eventual switch to the Independent party made him wildly unpopular with the GOP and a possible liability for LeMieux’s campaign.”

Meanwhile…Sen. Bill Nelson speaks to Hispanic seniors about concerns [Tampa Bay Times] “U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, state Rep. Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, and a panel of local, federal and nonprofit officials who work with senior citizens addressed these concerns Monday at a roundtable discussion of aging issues affecting area Hispanics. They met at the Town ‘N Country Regional Public Library…’There is a lot of fear among senior citizens because they see Medicare under attack in the political arena,’ Nelson said. ‘Let me assure you, you don’t need to worry.'”

PRESIDENT OBAMA IN FLORIDA, TALKING FAIRNESS President Barack Obama visiting Florida to talk about ‘Buffett Rule’ [Tampa Bay Times] “It’s also a way to remind voters about Republican front-runner Mitt Romney’s wealth, and that he paid a tax rate of 13.9 percent in 2010.”

As Obama visits Palm Beach County, White House decries ‘stunning’ tax drop for richest 0.1 percent [Palm Beach Post] “Forget the Occupy Wall Street movement’s division between the 99 percent and the wealthiest 1 percent. As President Obama prepares to visit Palm Beach County today, the White House is releasing a report that draws contrasts between the 99.9 percent and the richest 0.1 percent.”

Obama to Make Case for ‘Buffett Rule’ [New York Times] “Previewing the message that President Obama will take to Florida on Tuesday, his economic team released a brief report making the case for his “Buffett Rule,” a proposal that would ensure the wealthiest Americans pay at least 30 percent of their income in federal taxes.”

GLORIA ROMERO ROSES MAKES A SPLASH: ANNOUNCES CAMPAIGN FOR FL-26 AGAINST DAVID RIVERA  Businesswoman To Challenge U.S. Rep. Rivera [CBS Miami] “A Southwest Ranches businesswoman has announced that she’ll challenge U.S. Rep. David Rivera for the new 26th Congressional District. Gloria Romero Roses is a managing partner of Nexus Homes, a company that helps assisted living centers.”

Newcomer to challenge U.S. Rep. Rivera [ABC Miami] 
Southwest Ranches Businesswoman to Run for Congress [NBC Miami]
Broward businesswoman to run against U.S. Rep. David Rivera [Miami Herald]
Businesswoman To Challenge David Rivera [National Journal]
Florida: David Rivera Gets Democratic Opponent [Roll Call]
Democrats land recruit to challenge Rep. Rivera [The Hill]
Dem Businesswoman To Challenge David Rivera [FLDemocracy]
Candidate Romero Roses Runs Against David Rivera in 26th Congressional District. [Eyes on Miami]
Oponente femenina le aparece a David Rivera para la cámara de represantantes por el distrito 26, la señora Gloria Romero Roses y acá está al aire. [Caracol Radio]
Gloria Romero, colombiana que se postulará al Congreso de EE.UU. por el partido Democráta [W Radio]


FDP on offense on school funding [Palm Beach Post] “Florida Democrats have been blistering the Legislature’s $70 billion budget proposal as harmful to working Floridians. ‘These shortsighted priorities make education increasingly unaffordable for working families and leaves schools crumbling around our children,’ said Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith in a letter last month to Scott. ‘That is no way to lead.’”

Consider the students before deciding on independence for USF Poly [Tampa Bay Times column] “Sure it got a little messy, but everyone wins in the end. Unless you’re talking about the 2,000 or so students on the Lakeland campus who lack the money and lobbyists to persuade anyone in Tallahassee to listen to them.”



Scott tries to sidetrack Pinellas transit upgrades [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “Tampa Bay will have to run over Gov. Rick Scott to join the 21st century and build a modern transit system. The governor’s veto of a local bill tied to a proposed Pinellas project reflects his blind opposition to rail and apparent fear that voters might actually approve it.”

Scott Rick Scott’s veto of prison bill misses point [Tampa Bay Times] “It took six long years for Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff to pass a law intended to help a few people deal with their drug addiction in state prison. It took Gov. Rick Scott only a few seconds to wipe it out.”

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