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RPOF plays make believe

Talk about desperate. In an effort to raise the approval rating of the nation’s most unpopular governor, the RPOF has hit a new low — playing make believe with fabricated positive newspaper headlines touting their embattled leader. This isn’t the first time the RPOF has gotten in hot water for playing fast and loose with the facts:

·       RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry said “Before this law, any group could go out anywhere, register voters, sit on the voter registration forms for unlimited amount of time.” Politifact rates this mostly FALSE.
·       Curry said “Barack Obama ‘promised’ gasoline at $2.50 a gallon.” Politifact rates this FALSE.

Miami Herald: Rick Scott’s Facebook feature of Miami Herald headline: not quite

The Miami Herald headline on the Facebook page of Gov. Rick Scott shouts: “New law helps put Floridians back to work.” It is dated Monday, April 9 with the inexplicable dateline of Guatemala City.

It was a fake headline pasted over a real story by Herald reporterNancy San Martinfrom the Herald’s International edition, dated April 5. The real headline read: “Murders highlight rise in crime in Guatemala.” Download HeraldInternational_030507

Rick Hirsch, managing editor of the Miami Herald, alerted the Republican Party of Florida, which manages the Facebook page, of the fake headline and asked them to take it down.
Brian Hughes, RPOF spokesman, said he was not aware of the post but would have it removed immediately.

“The posting of a fraudulent front page of The Miami Herald is unacceptable,” Hirsch said. “Not only is it a fraud on the public, but it is trademark infringement for use our masthead in a fake edition, and copyright infringement for those portions of the front page that were not fabricated.”

The governor’s Facebook post also carried this: ICYMI: Check out the editorial in yesterday’s Miami Herald: “New Law Helps Put Floridians Back to Work.” SHARE this good news with your friends. There were 71 likes but nobody seemed to question the curious juxtaposition of the dateline and the headline.

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