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Sh** Allen West Says

Normally, we wouldn’t send around every irrational, bombastic, and un-becoming of a Congressman comment that Allen West makes for fear of clogging your inbox, but this one deserves special attention. With his claim that nearly half of the Democrats in Congress are members of the Communist party, West seems to be competing with Sarah Palin in the “going rogue” department. Key takeaway: Every time West opens his mouth, Patrick Murphy’s already formidable campaign looks stronger and stronger. See coverage below and video  of West’s comments here

HUFFINGTON POST: Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ 80 House Democrats Are Communist Party Members “As many as 80 House Democrats are communists, according to Rep. Allen West”

POLITICO: West: 80 Communists in House “Rep. Allen West channeled Joe McCarthy in a town hall event in Florida that he’s ‘heard’ that up to 80 House Democrats are Communist Party members, the Palm Beach Post reports.”

TALKING POINTS MEMO: Allen West: I’ve ‘Heard’ That Up To 80 House Dems Are Members Of The Communist Party “Rep. Allen West (R-FL) has done it again. At a campaign town hall event on Tuesday, the Palm Beach Post reports, West declared that he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party. However, he would not name any specific people.”

MSNBC: When McCarthyism gets literal “Here’s an unhinged congressman who’s ‘heard’ that roughly half of the House Democratic caucus are secretly members of the Communist Party, and though he’s not prepared to say who’s on the alleged list, the federal lawmaker feels comfortable sharing this in public.I don’t expect much from West, but even by his standards, this reckless, irresponsible rhetoric is beyond the pale.”

MIAMI NEWS TIMES: Allen West Says He’s Heard 80 Democratic Congressmen Are Secretly Communists “Apparently the spirit of Sen. Joseph McCarthy lives on in South Florida Rep. Allen West. While President Barack Obama was speaking yesterday in Boca Raton, West spoke to supporters in nearby Palm City and said he’s heard that up to 80 of the 190 Democratic members of Congress are actually members of the Communist Party. Of course, he offered no names or proof to back up the outrageous claim.”

PALM BEACH POST: Allen West hears cheers, jeers at town-hall meetings in Palm City, Jensen Beach “He later said ‘he’s heard’ up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names.”

THE HILL: Rep. Allen West: Half the Democrats in Congress are communists “Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) says he’s heard that almost half of all the Democrats in Congress are secretly part of the Communist Party. He offered no names or proof of his accusation.”


COMEDY CENTRAL: Allen West: 80 House Democrats Are Members of the Communist Party (R-Fla.) “This campaign cycle is the worst sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, ever. At least the ’80s gave us E.T. and Super Mario Bros. Our present 1950s time warp is all about retrograde attitudes toward women, trouble with Russia and, naturally, a dollop of McCarthyism. The latter comes courtesy of Florida Republican and Sarah Palin’s preferred Vice Presidential nominee Allen West, who told constituents at a Tuesday town hall in Palm City that he’s “heard” that up to 80 of his Democratic colleagues in the House are Communist Party members.”

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