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Across the State: Florida Democrats Speak Out for Women

Following Senator Marco Rubio and the Republicans’ NO vote on the Violence Against Women Act, Florida Democrats are speaking out against the GOP’s War on Women. Here’s what they’re saying: 

Statement from Brannon Jordan, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party

“In a gross display of partisanship and extremism over sound policy, Senator Marco Rubio today voted against protecting women from violence and domestic abuse. Senator Rubio has a long history of putting the interests of the Tea Party ahead of Florida’s families, and today’s vote is just another example that Rubio is not on our side.” 

Statement from Jessica Ehrlich, FL-13

“The Violence Against Women Act has a proven record of dramatically decreasing domestic abuse and increasing the safety of our communities and families. Residents of Pinellas County cannot afford to have a Representative in Congress who plays political football with their safety. As a member of Congress, I will always be an advocate for protecting our families, women and children.”

Statement from Gloria Romero Roses, FL-26

“I’m appalled that Congressman Rivera is more interested in following his party leadership than protecting women from domestic abuse,” said Romero Roses. “The Violence Against Women Act is a critical tool in protecting women and guaranteeing their safety and security. It shouldn’t be treated like a partisan football, but Congressman Rivera is more focused on protecting his extreme ideology than women in South Florida. It’s time for a change. We need someone dedicated to finding real solutions to the problems we face.”

“House Republicans like Congressman Rivera think they can win an election by standing against tough penalties for abusers and blocking funding for law enforcement programs that would protect women. This kind of political gamesmanship is why Congress is broken, and when elected I will always stand up for victims of violence. I’ll roll up my sleeves and look for ways to get critical legislation like this passed with support from both sides of the aisle.”

Statement from Heather Beaven, FL-6

“As a former domestic violence and sexual assault counselor, I find it unbelievable that anyone would refuse to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. How many more examples do we need of extreme ideology trumping human decency before we finally demand more from the people we elect to be our voice in Washington?”

“The Violence Against Women Act includes tough penalties for domestic violence and gives law enforcement important tools to protect women from domestic abuse. Anyone who votes to end our commitment to families living in danger should have to explain it to the women in their lives and to the women they represent. It’s inexcusable that anyone is for anyone to vote to oppose common-sense penalties to keep women and children safe.” 

Statement from Keith Fitzgerald, FL-16

“It’s disappointing that Vern Buchanan is refusing to reauthorize the bi-partisan Violence Against Women Act and is again choosing an extreme ideology over the basic safety and security of women.  It defies not only common sense, but common decency, too.  Last year, Buchanan nearly shut down the federal government in order to remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood which provides many middle class Suncoast women, children and families with preventative health care services.” 

“Unfortunately, his actions are the latest reminder of why we need new leadership in Washington.  Florida families, women, and children cannot afford partisanship on an issue as critical as the safety of American women in their community and women’s preventative healthcare.  It’s disappointing that Vern Buchanan is opposing a commonsense law that gives resources to victims and survivors of domestic violence.  While Congress has stalled in extending this bipartisan law, I promise to stand up for protecting victims of violence and holding perpetrators accountable.”

Statement from Patrick Murphy, FL-18

“Allen West needs to let his constituents know if he plans to stand with Marco Rubio and oppose widely popular, common-sense measures that protect women and victims of domestic violence. The health and safety of Floridians up and down the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches is at stake.”

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