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Pretty, Pretty *Please* Pick Marco Rubio As GOP VP Candidate

MEMO: Pretty, Pretty *Please* Pick Marco Rubio As GOP VP Candidate

From: Scott Arceneaux, Executive Director, Florida Democratic Party

To: Political reporters, interested parties and the GOP

RE: Pretty, Pretty *Please* Pick Marco Rubio As GOP VP Candidate

Young. Energetic. From a key swing state. These are some of the many reasons Republicans have floated Tea Party darling U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s name as a possible Vice Presidential contender. But in the midst of Veepstakes, Rubio has hit a few speed bumps as questions about whether he is too risky to be on the ticket hit a fever pitch.

Given Rubio’s recent $8,000 FEC fine, the Florida Democratic Party is counting down the eight reasons why we hope Republicans place Rubio on the GOP ticket this fall:

1. Rubio Provides Romney No Cover in the Sunshine State.

According to a recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, with Rubio on the ticket support for Romney in Florida actually drops from 45-percent to 43-percent. In the words of PPP, “Rubio is not an overwhelmingly popular figure in Florida.”

2. GOP Still Have a Hispanic Problem. 

Public Policy Polling also found that Rubio does not help Romney’s chances with Hispanics in Florida – “in the straight Obama/Romney match Obama leads 52-37 with Hispanics and in the Obama/Biden v. Romney/Rubio match Obama still leads 52-37 with Hispanics.” Rubio opposes the DREAM Act – which is supported by 90-percent of Latinos nationwide. And let’s not forget, when this Tea Partier ran in 2010 he backed the Arizona immigration law.

3. Bio Flap Still Looms Large.

The bombshell news about inconsistencies in Rubio’s biography – which hit at the heart of his carefully crafted public image – left many wondering what other baggage might be lurking behind this fresh-faced newcomer.

4. No Love from the Ladies.

Marco Rubio voted no on re-authorizing the Violence Against Women’s Act – the law that protects women from domestic abuse and rape. He also championed the Blunt Amendment – a bill that would have allowed an employer to deny female employees health coverage based on an employer’s religious beliefs. 

5. Would You Like Some Tea with that Extremism?

Dubbed the Senator from the Tea Party, it seems like everyday Marco Rubio is siding with extremist instead of doing what’s right for Florida. Two quick examples: Rubio was the lone gulf-state Senator to vote against the RESTORE Act, — the bill that would dedicate BP spill fees to the region. Following in the footsteps of embattled Gov. Rick Scott, Rubio voted against a transportation measure which would have created or saved three million jobs.

6. Two Words: David Rivera.

An examination of the financial practices of both the Congressman and Senator reveal several shocking similarities: both double-billed the taxpayers for travel, both used campaign contributions to fund their personal expenses, and both have been (or are) under investigation by federal authorities. The similarities are especially troublesome in light of the longtime, close collaboration between the two Florida Republicans.  Rubio has described Rivera as a close friend, both worked together in the Florida Legislature, and the two lawmakers owned a house together in Tallahassee (which they failed to make payments on).

7.  About that Upcoming Pesky Jim Greer Trial.

As Republicans gather in Tampa this August the weather won’t be the only thing heating up: former RPOF Chairman Jim Greer is promising a “tell-all sorts at his criminal fraud trial,” in Orlando (a mere hour away from the convention site). Rubio’s lavish RPOF credit card spending is sure to be front-and-center at this GOP circus.

8.  Rubio’s Financial Mess

In 2010, Rubio acknowledged “he double-billed state taxpayers and the party for several plane flights from South Florida to Tallahassee.” He also used the Republican Party’s credit card to fund his lavish lifestyle, including hundreds at the Apple store, movie tickets and $4,000 to $5,000 for a new kitchen floor — when asked about that charge, Rubio “didn’t deny Ingram’s contention about the remodeling expenses…[and] repeated his refusal to release all of the billing records for his party credit card.” Most recently, federal authorities announced they were fining Rubio $8,000 after he took over $200,000 in improper and prohibited campaign contributions. 

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