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FDP News Clips — May 2, 2012


FLORIDA DEMOCRATS: PICK RUBIO, Pleeeease  Florida Democrats back Marco Rubio for VP [Florida Times Union] “On the heels of Rubio being fined $8,000 by the Florida Election Commission, FDP lists the eight reasons they want Rubio on the ticket. Among the bullet points is a recent poll that shows Romney’s support in Florida drops from 45 to 43 percent with Rubio on the ticket, Rubio’s no vote on the reauthorization of the “Violence Against Women’s Act” and his close ties to the Tea Party.” FULL MEMO HERE.

Fla Dems: Pleeeeaaase Mitt, pick Marco Rubio as running mate [Tampa Bay Times] “We’ll let you decide if the following from the Florida Democratic party suggests they worry about Rubio on the presidential ticket: MEMO: Pretty, Pretty *Please* Pick Marco Rubio As GOP VP Candidate.”

Dems: Bring on Rubio [Tampa Tribune] “Florida Democrats say they’re not worried about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as Mitt Romney’s running mate. In fact, a memo from a state Democratic Party official says, “pretty, pretty please nominate Marco Rubio.”

Well, since you asked nicely [FLDemocracy2012] “In light of Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) recent $8,000 FEC fine,  the Florida Democratic Party circulated an e-mail today with the top eight reasons why they’re hoping Mitt Romney puts Rubio on the ticket. The subject line of the e-mail reads “Pretty, Pretty *Please* Pick Marco Rubio As GOP VP Candidate.”

THE RIVERA-RUBIO CONNECTION Could David Rivera cost Marco Rubio the vice presidency? [Washington Post] “Still, if the foundational principle of picking a vice president is “do no harm” than it’s not difficult to imagine the Romney folks being a bit spooked by the Rubio-Rivera relationship and what else they might not know about the junior Senator from Florida.”

Setting the Record Straight on Rubio’s Am Ex [National Journal] “He also said the matter was ‘totally resolved years ago.’ Not so. Even putting aside the obvious — why would such a savvy politician continually use a state party credit card for non-party business, requiring him to reimburse the credit card company after the bill had been paid? — questions remain about the more than $100,00 in charges from Nov. 2006 to Nov. 2008.”

Here’s ANOTHER Reason Why Marco Rubio Won’t Be Mitt Romney’s VP Pick [Business Insider] “This lack of exposure and experience will make it much easier for Rubio’s political assetts to turn into potential liabilities. For a Republican Party wary of a Sarah Palin redux, the prospect of allowing Democrats to define Rubio before he has a chance to define himself will likely make the rising star an increasingly less attractive vice-presidential prospect.”

Rubio Admits ‘Mistake’ in Use of State Party Credit Card [ABC Radio] “Rubio also explained his relationship with U.S. Rep. David Rivera, R-Fla., who is under federal investigation for using campaign contributions for to pay for personal expenses. Rubio, whose close ties to the Florida congressman date from before they served together in the state legislature, said he would stand by Rivera.”

RICK SCOTT’S CUBA PR “DEBACLE” Gov. Rick Scott signs Cuba-crackdown bill, but it’s a public relations fiasco [Miami Herald] “Shortly after praising their fellow Republican for signing the law at the historic Freedom Tower, Cuban-American lawmakers at the event learned Scott issued a letter that essentially declared it unenforceable. The lawmakers — members of Congress, legislators and local commissioners — said Scott blindsided them and undermined the legislation, which prohibits state and local taxpayers from hiring firms that do work in Cuba and Syria.”

Lawmakers Bash Gov. Scott Over Anti-Cuba Bill Interpretation [NBC Miami] “Hours after signing a bill that would prohibit state and local governments from contracting with companies that have business ties to Cuba and Syria, Gov. Rick Scott came under fire from South Florida lawmakers after he issued a letter saying the bill may conflict with federal law.”

From the Twitters Via @LearyReports:  FIU professor Dario Moreno on Rick Scott debacle ( “He can never come back to Miami-Dade.” Says could hurt Romney.

FLSEN — WHICH ENDORSEMENT IS LESS RELEVANT: BACHMANN OR CAIN  Battle for the GOP prez also-rans: Herman Cain goes for George LeMieux, Michelle Bachmann for Connie Mack [Miami Herald] “In Florida’s U.S. Senate Republican primary, the once-hot-now-not GOP presidential contenders are making themselves heard. Herman Cain is backing George LeMieux and Michelle Bachmann backs fellow Rep. Connie Mack (who has the de facto endorsement, by the way, of GOP de facto presidential nominee Mitt Romney”

Michele Bachmann endorses Connie Mack in GOP Senate primary [Palm Beach Post] “Minnesota Rep. and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is endorsing U.S. Rep. Connie Mack in Florida’s Republican Senate primary, likening Mack to Senate tea party faves Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Bachmann is the second former GOP candidate with a tea party following to weigh in on the Senate race recently. Herman Cain came out for George LeMieux over the weekend.”

MeanwhileRasmussen Reports poll has Nelson leading Mack by 11 [Orlando Sentinel] “A new tracking poll of the U.S. Senate race in Florida shows that incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson has surged to an 11 point lead over Republican front-runner U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV of Fort Myers.”


Florida Gov. Scott refuses to ban guns during Republican convention [AP] “Gov. Rick Scott has refused a request to prohibit the carrying of guns in downtown Tampa during the Republican National Convention this summer.”

$21 Million to Help FL Health Centers to Serve More Patients [Public News Service] “More Floridians will be able to receive services through community health centers, thanks to new funding from the Affordable Care Act.”

Scott signs law bad for Florida business [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “Gov. Rick Scott might be the jobs governor, all right — for other gulf states. They are poised to benefit from wrongheaded legislation Scott signed into law Tuesday that penalizes firms for doing business in Cuba. That may make the governor more popular among the vocal but dwindling number of hard-line Cuban-Americans in Miami. But the law puts Florida’s publicly owned ports and airports at a disadvantage, and it creates a new barrier as the state looks to capitalize on foreign trade. That’s some strategy for the global economy.”

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