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The Atlantic: The Oppo File on Marco Rubio: Why He's an Unlikely Veep Pick

The Atlantic: The Oppo File on Marco Rubio: Why He’s an Unlikely Veep Pick
David Graham, The Atlantic, 5/4/12

Overlooked in this is Rubio’s big Achilles’ heel: his record. Not his legislative record — though Democrats would surely take great pains to paint him as an extremist, he tends to be in the mainstream of the GOP — but his political and lifestyle ones. Those areas will give opponents plenty to work with. There’s no single smoking gun — the lone revelation that would make him unviable. Instead, his record raises a series of smaller questions that would add up to many potential headaches for a campaign headed into a tough election against an incumbent president. The case for Rubio is well known, but here’s a quick rundown on his potential vulnerabilities.

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