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FDP News Clips — May 15, 2012

DRIP DRIP DRIP Water records suggest Mack rarely comes home to Florida  [Orlando Sentinel] “Somebody has flushed toilets and taken showers — or done something to use water — at Connie Mack IV’s Fort Myers townhouse at least a few days a month…The controversy began in 2006 when his then-wife, Ann, charged in divorce proceedings that he had misrepresented the Fort Myers townhouse as his home. Last week, U.S. Senate primary opponent George LeMieux alleged Mack lives in California. And Monday, seven Florida lawmakers who’ve endorsed LeMieux called on Mack to release detailed travel records.”

Tweet your favorite Mack toilet “headlines” to @Fladems this morning, there’s so many good ones…

LeMieux increases pressure on Mack to show Florida residency; seven lawmakers call on Mack to release travel records  [Orlando Sentinel] “Now LeMieux is releasing an open letter from seven Florida lawmakers calling on Mack to release travel records.”

Broward man files FEC complaint against Mack for mailing violation [The Florida Current] “A blogger in Broward County says he’s filed a complaint with the FEC about mailers Rep. Connie Mack sent out that violated House rules”

OFA-FL TAKES ON ROMNEY’S BAIN EXPERIENCE Obama attack on Bain Capital includes Fl events [Tampa Tribune] “President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign will hold Florida events in connection with its criticism of Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital while Romney is doing a fundraising tour of Florida this week. The Obama for America campaign came out of the box this morning with a news conference call, a new ad, web site and and web video saying while at Bain Capital, Romney made millions in profits by destroying American companies and jobs.”

AFTER 16 MONTHS OF RICK SCOTT, EXECUTIVE OFFICE “A MESS” Shake-ups shaking Florida [Palm Beach Post editorial] “After 16 months of Rick Scott, the executive office of the governor is a mess…No cover story, though, can change the image of a governor who is trying to remake Florida at a time when he can’t even manage his own department.”

All about Steve: He did himself in [Tampa Bay Times column] “There is that old adage in journalism about blaming the messenger for the message. The news media didn’t hound MacNamara out of office. Reporters merely pointed out that the governor had hired one of Tallahassee’s most inside of insiders to provide a tutorial on how to wield power and help lobbyists.”


Gloria Romero Roses get’s nod from Emily’s List [Morning Score] “Gloria Romero Roses (FL- 26) are going on the list, just one step short of a full endorsement. This gives them access to the group membership.”

Culture of Corruption Watch [MSNBC Maddow Blog] “The committee found ‘substantial reason to believe’ Buchanan violated the rules, and the investigation into his alleged reimbursements for campaign donations will continue.”

Over 2,600 Floridians Agree: It’s Time for Honest Change in Congress [Fitzgerald For Congress] “Fitzgerald, former State Representative and candidate for Congress in Florida’s 16th Congressional District, announced today that he officially surpassed the required 2,298 signatures required to qualify on the ballot for the fall elections. Most notably, the vast majority of the signatures were collected by volunteers who committed hundreds of hours to gather the signatures of Suncoast voters.”

Dan Webster, census taker? [Ocala Star Banner] “Central Florida U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster in recent days has been taking heavy criticism for a push to end a key demographic survey that proponents say is an indispensable tool for tracking the nation’s economic social and economic tides.” 

Ted Deutch uses Republican budget plans to fire up Democrats [Sun Sentinel] “U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca, Raton, sought to fire up a key constituency on Monday, warning senior voters that fairness will go out the window and Medicare will be in jeopardy if Republicans in Washington, D.C. get their way.”


Democrats elect delegates [St. Augustine Record] “A number of volunteers helped to make this a very successful and special occasion, it was noted. It was a close election, and all of the candidates are to be congratulated for their excellent credentials and ability to get-out-the vote”

Parents sign petition against use of FCAT [Miami Herald] “The petition, gaining traction in parts of Florida and around the country, urges education administrators to rely less on standardized tests and use other measures to evaluate students, schools and teachers.”

FCAT writing scores plummet, prompting school grade concerns [Tampa Bay Times] “Kathleen Oropeza, an Orlando parent activist who has sued the state over education funding issues, suggested the massive drop in student writing results had less to do with actual performance than with officials bent on getting results and setting the rules accordingly.”

Report: Marco Rubio not seriously under consideration for VP [Tampa Bay Times] “From Politico today: … But a Republican official familiar with the Romney campaign’s thinking says the vice-presidential search will be more rigorous, and likely produce a candidate a lot less flashy than McCain’s running mate, then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.”

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