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FL Dems Call on Sen. Rubio to Condemn GOP'S Smear Campaign Against President Obama

Will Rubio continue to side with extremist special interests?

Tallahassee, FL — Following Mitt Romney’s tepid reaction to a report in the New York Times detailing a new effort by the GOP to use divisive, hate-filled smear tactics against President Obama, the Florida Democratic Party released the following statement calling on Senator Marco Rubio to denounce these ugly campaign tactics.


“Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t get any lower, today’s report shows that the Republicans are committed to using hate-filled and divisive smear tactics to attack President Obama. This is the wrong direction for America, and Romney’s tepid response shows once again that he lacks the moral leadership to stand up to the extremists in his own party.

“Senator Rubio has proven his allegiance to the Tea Party time and again, but certainly even he can’t stand idly by as the extremist wing of his party tries to take our country down this divisive and ugly path. We call on Senator Rubio to condemn these smear tactics, stand up to the Tea Party extremists who have hijacked the Republican party and make it clear that this sort of campaigning has no place in Florida.”


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