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Lyin' Lenny On Voter Suppression

When a politician says one thing but the facts are exactly the opposite, it’s hard to trust him with Florida’s future. On June 7th, Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry said “Fla is NOT removing pol w right to vote.” A couple of problems with Lyin’ Lenny’s claim: 

1. A few days ago on MSNBC, when questioned about Gov. Rick Scott’s voter purge Chairman Curry acknowledged “certainly there are some issues with the data.” Let’s go to the video: 

2. When Lenny Curry said “Fla is NOT removing pol w right to vote” he must have forgotten about Bill Internicola. He’s the 91 year old decorated WWII veteran who has voted in Florida for 14 years. That is, until he recently received a note from Broward County as part of Rick Scott’s voter purge stating he was ineligible to vote. Curry must have also forgotten about Maureen Russo. Russo, a small business owner, has been a registered voter in Florida for the last four decades. But recently, she also received a notice that she was ineligble to vote. Or maybe Curry also forgot that over 300 eligible voters have been targeted in Miami Dade alone. 

3. This isn’t the first time Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry has lied:

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