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Chairman Smith Blasts Mitt Romney, Calls on Him to Apologize

Calls on Romney to Apologize While He’s in Florida Today

Tallahassee, FL – As Mitt Romney stumps in Florida, Chairman Rod Smith issued the following statement decrying the Republican presidential candidate’s plan to cut firefighters, police, and teacher jobs — and calling on him to apologize to Florida’s hardworking men and women who are the backbone of our community.

Statement from Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith:

“How much more disconnected from the concerns of Floridians could Mitt Romney be?  Our citizens know that firefighters, policemen, and teachers are the backbone of a successful community, yet Romney’s suggestion that they aren’t vital to our well-being is shocking.

“As I travel the state, Floridians tell me how thankful they are for the service and sacrifices of our police, firefighters, and teachers.  These are the hard-working folks who want to make their cities and towns a better place, and they want to make sure every American has a shot at the American Dream and the opportunity to live in a safe, prosperous community.  Romney’s comments prove he is detached from the reality of Florida and doesn’t understand the everyday concerns of middle-class families. But this comes as no surprise, coming from a candidate who has joked about being unemployed himself, said he likes firing people, and claimed that corporations are people.  Obviously, he doesn’t get it.

“While Romney stumps in Florida today we call on him to apologize to Florida’s hardworking men and women who serve as the heart of our community.”

You can watch the video of Romney making these remarks here:


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