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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – June 19, 2012

FLORIDA DEMS OUT-REGISTER GOP FOR FOURTH CONSECUTIVE MONTH Dems again outregister GOP [News Service of Florida] “Democrats…say national politics have pushed women and Hispanics toward the party and also say Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s generally low popularity numbers have helped registration efforts. Democrats say the state figures for May will show their party with a 12 percent registration advantage among Hispanics and a 14 percent advantage among women.”


Obama to rally at Hillsborough Community College [Tampa Bay Times] “‘At the event, President Obama will continue to outline how far we’ve come and the clear choice that voters face in this election: whether we continue to move our country forward by creating an economy that’s built to last based on a strong, secure middle class, or go back to the same failed policies that led to the financial crisis that left middle-class Americans struggling to make ends meet.'”


New Spanish-language ad in Florida features the ‘Hispanic Oprah’ [Tampa Bay Times] “A new Obama ad in Florida features Cristina Saralegui, the “Hispanic Oprah,” talking about the health care law. It’s the latest in a series of Spanish-language ads the camaign has run in Florida and other key states.” WATCH “Cuidado de Salud en Florida” HERE.


RUBIO’S NOT HAVING A GOOD WEEK, AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY Marco Rubio’s ‘DREAM’ dead for now [Politico] “For Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the DREAM is over for now.”


Rubio cools talk on immigration plan after Obama announcement [Tampa Bay Times] “U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio indicated Monday he may back off legislation giving legal status to some children of illegal immigrants.”


Marco Rubio Abandons Senate Dream Act-Style Bill [Huffington Post] “Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) planned — but not actually introduced — legislation on young undocumented immigrants is almost certainly dead, he said on Monday.”


Marco Rubio Not Being Vetted to Be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate [ABC News] “But knowledgeable Republican sources tell me that Rubio is not being vetted by Mitt Romney’s vice presidential search team. He has not been asked to complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates.”


GOP REELING ON IMMIGRATION  Obama immigration policy is no nightmare [Palm Beach Post]“Yet even in criticizing Mr. Obama, Sen. Rubio — whose bill remains a work in progress two months after he touted it — acknowledged that there is ‘broad support for the idea that we should figure out a way to help kids who are undocumented through no fault of their own’…Mr. Romney’s non-answer on whether he would renew the policy surely annoyed both critics and supporters.”


Harry Reid calls out Rubio on immigration [Tampa Bay Times] “Sen. Harry Reid called out Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on the Senate floor today, suggesting he is part of the ‘Republican hypocrisy on immigration reform.'”


Top Senate Democrat: Republicans have “phony outrage” over immigration [Miami Herald]“Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, told Republicans today that they had their chance to be a part of something big — and still do. He singled out Rubio in particular for what he called ‘phony outrage’ over the administration’s move.”


New citizens in Palm Beach County applaud President Obama’s easing of immigration rules [Palm Beach Post] “Some have even made up their minds that they will vote to re-elect President Obama, after the president’s executive order last week allowing more than 800,000 illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation. A Latino Decisions poll published Sunday showed 49 percent of Latinos, who already backed Obama 3 to 1, now support the president more enthusiastically because of the order.”


CONNIE MACK KEEPS CATCHING FLAK FOR COWARDLY CAMPAIGN Mack catching some heat for cautious U.S. Senate campaign [Bay News 9] “U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV is drawing some heat from fellow Republicans, according to the Tampa Bay Times…According to the Times, some people in the GOP say Mack is sending the wrong message by acting as if the race is over and opting out of the debates and straw polls.”


With Sheldon Adelson donating $1 mil to pro-Mack Super PAC, how there is not blatant coordination? [Saint Peters Blog] “Now, draw a line between Dots 1, 2 and 3: Art Finkelstein is working for US Senate candidate Connie Mack while preparing to set up a Super PAC to help US Senate candidates. And now Sheldon Adelson is donating to this Super PAC. How is this not blatant, illegal coordination?”




Allen West to feds: Let states purge voters [Politico] “Rep. Allen West said Monday that Florida’s controversial effort to purge its voter rolls is not an attempt to target minorities”


Allen West says he’s ‘dejected’ by Romney’s answers on immigration [Politico] “Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said Monday he was ‘dejected’ by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s performance during an interview Friday in which he was asked repeatedly about President Obama’s recently announced policy shift on illegal immigration.” 


Oelrich questions Stearns on CF earmarks as wife rose at school [Ocala Star Banner] ” Now, one of the Ocala Republican’s opponents in the upcoming GOP primary for a new congressional seat charges that Stearns’ advocacy was directly connected to the rise of Joan Stearns, the congressman’s wife, through CF’s administrative ranks.”


SCOTT’S VOTER PURGE HIT WITH NEW LAWSUIT, MORE LONGTIME VOTERS EMERGE Lawsuit calls Fla. voter purge discrimination [AP] “This latest lawsuit contends that the push to remove voters violates federal law because it is within 90 days of an election. But those behind the lawsuit also contend the effort is discriminatory because Hispanics represent a majority of those whose names were on the list drawn up by state election officials. Two of those involved in the lawsuit are registered voters who were on the list even though they are naturalized citizens.”


Longtime voter’s eligibility questioned in Volusia [Daytona Beach News Journal] “Eileen Selis was born in Pennsylvania to two U.S. citizens, has been called for jury duty and has voted in almost every presidential election since Dwight D. Eisenhower’s re-election in 1956. But that hasn’t stopped the state of Florida from questioning her right to vote.”


Scott’s Lawsuit Record [Capitol News Service] “Almost since the moment he took office, Governor Rick Scott has been caught up in litigation. His most recent suit is over efforts to prevent illegal voters from casting ballots. As Whitney Ray tells us, the governor has lost more lawsuits than he’s won”


‘Obama birthers vs. Scott deathers’ [Palm Beach Post column] “Scott, who is trying to orchestrate a hasty, sloppy purge of Florida’s voting rolls, confided last week that he had experienced a voting problem when he went to vote six years ago before he began his political life in the state…It’s certainly mysterious how this once dead-listed Rick Scott has been allowed to come alive on the Florida voting rolls and then, through the virtue of $73 million of his own money, turn his distaste for government into a seat at the very pinnacle of the government he holds in such little regard.”



Democrats thwart GOP’s state Senate strategy [Miami Herald] “Top fundraisers for a handful of state Senate seats thought they could coast to victory and give money to the GOP, until Democrats surprised them with opponents…’It’s a perfectly logical political strategy,’ Schale said.” 


In Florida’s ethical swamp, swatting a gnat [Tampa Bay Times column] “Let’s review. Florida is governed by an assemblage of politicians who can be bought off for the price of a Slurpee. Ethics? In Florida? This is a bit like trying to find a liquor store in Saudi Arabia…While the governor was pretending to be the Simon Pure of Tallahassee by giving literal lip-service to the Florida Commission on Ethics, Scott still found plenty of time earlier this month to play spin-the-checkbook with Las Vegas mogul Sheldon Adelson, who gave $250,000 to his Let’s Get to Work (Greasing the Skids) political action committee.” 


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