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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – June 26, 2012

SCOTT FOCUSED ON CAMPAIGNING OVER GOVERNING Rick Scott’s Office Emails John Kasich’s Office With Health Care, Supreme Court Talking Points [Huffington Post] “Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) office emailed Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s (R) office with its talking points for the possibility that the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act. The Miami Herald obtained the email through the open records database Project Sunburst.” 

Redfern seeks email exchange between Ohio and Florida governors [Toledo Blade] “Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern requested documents today to find out whether there was inappropriate political coordination between the governors of Florida and Ohio to help the Mitt Romney campaign for president…It comes after a Florida newspaper reported an email conversation between the press secretaries of the Republican governors of Florida and Ohio on how they plan to respond to the ruling expected this week from the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the national health care law.”

Scott’s office flips out over accidental release of data [Orlando Sentinel] “So, I could be mildly annoyed at the assumption by the Scott administration that we would use this information irresponsibly, when we strive every day to be fair and responsible. But I’m not. I am more concerned that the office would attempt to contort public-records law to strong-arm a source of information. For every media company that stomps its feet and ultimately gets its way on access to public records (or doesn’t), there are countless citizens who also try to get information without the power of the press behind them. Most of them don’t have corporate counsel to call upon when they get a scary response like this.”

YOU KNOW WHAT’S “RESPECTFUL?” NOT PURGING CITIZENS.  State won’t release larger list of possible noncitizen voters [Tampa Bay Times] “Scott’s elections agency is refusing numerous requests from voter advocacy groups and news outlets to release the list, months after the state released an initial list targeting 2,625 potential noncitizens. Many people on the first list turned out to be citizens…’I want to be very careful,’ said Scott’s chief elections official, Secretary of State Ken Detzner. ‘It’s individuals’ names on there, and I want to make sure that people are treated respectfully. I want to be abundantly cautious about that.’ In an interview in his office, Detzner could not cite a law that makes the list exempt from disclosure.”

OBAMA BACK IN FLORIDA President Obama to travel to Miami on Tuesday [Miami Herald] “President Barack Obama will travel to South Florida on Tuesday to attend a pair of fundraisers, including one with salsa singer Marc Anthony.” 

Obama goes big with focus on small [Politico] “Soon after, the Obama campaign’s top regional press secretary, Tom Reynolds, weighed in via Twitter: “Big snakes a big problem in FL. Thats why Obama Admin banned 4 types of pythons 2 wks ago. DOI said the snakes threaten native U.S. species.” The payoff: a run of upbeat local coverage for the Obama administration in Florida as the GOP presidential hopefuls battered one another over the economy and immigration. “

Pro-Obama Super PAC bringing bus tour to Jacksonville[Florida Times Union] “1911 United, a Super PAC, supporting President Barack Obama will be holding rallies in Jacksonville as part of its bus tour through six swing states.”



Buchanan backs off effort to keep former business partner Kazran quiet [Bradenton Herald] “Rep. Vern Buchanan has backed away from asking a judge to prohibit a disgruntled former business partner from speaking publicly about a deposition the Florida Republican is supposed to give under oath in their long-running business dispute…The controversy has been a boon for Buchanan’s Democratic challenger, Keith Fitzgerald, who sent a fundraising appeal out to supporters Monday saying he would use money he raised from contributors to buy a series of online ads and web videos ‘about Congressman Buchanan’s ethics scandals.’  

Wasserman Schultz helped lead UCF rally over student loan interest [Orlando Sentinel] “Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz helped lead a rally against rising student loan interest rates at the University of Central Florida this afternoon.”


SEE ALSO: Florida racing to the bottom with dual enrollment retreat [Orlando Sentinel Column] “This is the annoying truth about a good education: It costs money. It’s a lesson that the state Legislature never learns. For years, Florida has cared little about students in general and even less about the brightest ones. Officials demonstrate their lack of concern by repeatedly creating such obviously unsustainable programs as dual enrollment, which are supposed to promote education and prove that Florida cares. Oh, officials talk plenty about the importance of learning, imposing accountability and readying students for the job market. But when it comes to paying for it, they always do it on the cheap  




Volusia joins Flagler in growing FCAT debate [Daytona Beach News Journal] “It’s time for FCAT — the exam used to measure students’ academic progress, grade schools and evaluate teachers’ performance — to be tested itself for validity, cost and impact on what Florida children learn.”  


Florida prison privatization issue in court again [AP] ” A judge is hearing additional legal argument on the privatization of health care services in Florida’s state prisons…Another Tallahassee judge in a similar case has ruled lawmakers violated the state constitution by using the budget to privatize the operation of prisons in South Florida instead of passing a stand-alone law.” 


Red light on harsh immigration laws [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “In striking down three of four disputed provisions of Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant law, the U.S. Supreme Court Monday warned states that almost any effort to wade into immigration issues or target people with a different skin color or limited English would not be tolerated. The ruling is largely a win for the Obama administration, affirming its assertions that immigration matters are uniquely the province of the federal government. ” 

Florida right not to emulate Arizona on immigration [Palm Beach Post editorial] “By knocking down most of Arizona’s mean-spirited immigration law, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear Monday that immigration policy remains almost entirely in the federal government’s purview. The decision heightens the need for a bipartisan push for reform at the national level. It also serves as a warning to Florida lawmakers who have flirted with their own immigration-enforcement efforts.”

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