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Buchanan Still Under Investigation

Key Point: Embattled used car-salesman Vern Buchanan is still under investigation for a “more serious set of accusations,” including a charge that he attempted to bribe a witness regarding possible fund-raising violations committed he committed during his 2006 campaign. Each time Buchanan’s violations dominate the news-cycle, it reminds Sarasota voters of his long history of corrupt practices, and that Buchanan is too busy defending himself from multiple investigations to focus on Florida’s middle class families. 

Congressman Buchanan “Still Facing Investigations” [WTSP] “The Congressman — who is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Keith Fitzgerald — is still facing investigations by the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service.”

Ethics committee “still probing a separate series of charges” [The Hill] “The committee is still probing a separate series of charges that Buchanan attempted to procure a false affidavit from a witness testifying about allegations of a straw-donor scheme.”

Ethics committee “continues to review campaign funding” [National Journal] “However, Buchanan, who runs fundraising for the National Republican Congressional Committee, remains under review by the committee on a separate matter concerning allegations he used his former chain of auto dealerships to improperly reimburse campaign contributors $67,900.   

Ethics committee “continuing to examine a more serious set of accusations” [New York Times] The ethics committee is continuing a separate review it announced in May into accusations that Mr. Buchanan illegally made a $2.9 million settlement offer in a business dispute to try to influence the testimony of a witness regarding possible fund-raising violations in his 2006 campaign, people involved in the case said.”

Buchanan “still under review” [UPI]  “Still under review, however, are allegations of campaign finance violations…The committee is looking into claims by a former business partner that Buchanan made a $2.9 million lawsuit settlement agreement contingent on the business partner signing a false affidavit to be filed with the Federal Election Commission.”

Buchanan “still remains under investigation” [Politico] “Buchanan still remains under investigation by the secretive congressional panel and the Justice Department over allegations that he improperly reimbursed donors to his congressional campaigns and asked a former business partner to lie about Buchanan’s role in those payments.”

Committee “investigating separate findings” into Buchanan [AP] The committee is investigating separate findings of the Office of Congressional Ethics, run by a board of non-legislators, that there is substantial reason to believe Buchanan tried to get a former business partner to lie to the Federal Election Commission in violation of federal law and a House rule. The report said evidence showed that Buchanan, who owns several auto dealerships, tried to persuade an ex-partner to deny he was aware of reimbursements made to Buchanan contributors.”

Committee investigating a “second matter” [Roll Call] The committee is also considering a second matter related to allegations that Buchanan offered almost $3 million to settle a series of legal disputes with a former business partner in exchange for him filing a false affidavit with the Federal Election Commission. That case was also referred from the OCE and the committee said in May that it would continue reviewing the referral as an 18(a) case, which is ongoing.”

“Separate Probe” into Buchanan continuing [LA Times]  “Tuesday’s report resolves only some of the ethics questions surrounding Buchanan, a three-term congressman from the Sarasota area.”

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