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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – July 18, 2012


Mack Senate campaign charges Brooks Brothers clothing to campaign [Times/Herald] “Connie Mack’s Senate campaign charged nearly $470 for clothing at a Brooks Brothers in Jacksonville, FEC records show, an apparent violation of law. Records show identical charges of $234 were made on April 12 and May 16 and the campaign listed it as “clothing.” Federal law prohibits the use of campaign funds for personal items including ‘clothing’.”

An “Inappropriate” Charge [Tampa Bay Times] “Mack has faced some bumps, from questions about missing Senate votes to sending congressional mail funded by taxpayers earlier this year to voters far outside his district. On Tuesday, his campaign faced questions about why his Senate campaign charged nearly $470 for clothing at a Brooks Brothers in Jacksonville, federal records show, an apparent violation of law…his spokesman, David James, told the Times, ‘The Brooks Brothers charges were mistaken, inappropriate charges made by travel staff'”

Connie Mack Pitches Fit When Tampa Bay Times Endorses Dave Weldon for Republican Senate Primary [Broward News-Times] “When it comes to reasons to vote for Mack (and his world-famous and totally useless Penny Plan), it looks like even his campaign is keeping it a secret.” 

When Campaigns Make Newspapers Their Enemies [Hotline] “For a congressman who’s already developing a reputation as a brash figure, the antagonism isn’t ideal…lashing out against the media is a sign of a frustrated campaign, uselessly venting” 

Conservative leader rips Connie Mack for “hubris” [Tampa Bay Times] “David Bossie, president of the conservative group Citizens United backing underdog Dave Weldon in Florida’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, tore into Connie Mack IV in Politico today..’Connie Mack’s antics during the presidential primary and his refusal to even debate his Republican opponents in the U.S. Senate primary shows a hubris that is often rejected by voters.'”



FL DEMS CALL ON LT. GOVERNOR CARROLL TO APOLOGIZE FOR INSULTING REMARKS [FLDems] “Attitudes like those expressed by Jennifer Carroll are why the Florida Democratic Party continues to support the enactment of protections for LGBT Floridians. In the past, black women have been the victims of hurtful stereotypes. The Lt. Governor should know better than to say what she said, and apologize for her ill considered and degrading remarks.”




TOXIC SCOTT SNUBBED AT RNC — WILL HOME-STATE GOV. SPEAK AT ALL?  N.J. Gov. Chris Christie to give keynote speech in Tampa [New York Post] “The word is going out quietly to Republican activists across New Jersey: If you’re going to the GOP convention in Tampa next month, be sure to be there by Tuesday night, Aug. 28, because Gov. Chris Christie is going to be giving the keynote speech that night.”

Mitt Romney And Rick Scott May Have More Good Reasons To Avoid Each Other [BeachPeanuts] “Florida Governor Rick Scott made a little noise recently that he would like to make a speech at the upcoming Republican Convention in Tampa in August, and why not? His state is hosting the convention and Scott would get to bask in the glow of recognition while introducing the nominee of his party, and goodness knows Scott loves the attention. However, Mitt Romney has been avoiding him ever since he got into the race.”


RISKY RUBIO “NOT LIKELY” VP Marco Rubio for vice president? As Mitt Romney nears decision, it’s not likely [Tampa Bay Times] “American Bridge 21st Century, last year put in a sweeping public records request on Rubio and recently posted a 550-page “oppo report” on him, detailing virtually every vote he took and other issues, including questions surrounding Rubio’s use of a GOP credit card and campaign funds — issues reported by the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald during Rubio’s 2010 Senate race. Those and other factors — including a flap over when Rubio’s parents arrived from Cuba — would come into play with Romney and may make Rubio seem risky” 



Affordable Care Act Providing Refunds to Floridians [Capitol News Service] “One and a quarter million Floridians will share in more than 123 million dollars health insurers are being forced to return to policy holders because the companies were not spending enough on caring for patients. The refunds are a result of the national health care act that sets limits on how much profit health insurers can earn”

Federal list still no reason for Florida to rush voter purge [Palm Beach Post editorial] “Florida’s 67 elections supervisors, who have ultimate control over the voter rolls, are skeptical. Martin County Supervisor of Elections Vicki Davis, a Republican and president of the elections supervisors association, tells us that the supervisors are unlikely to support Gov. Scott’s efforts unless the state puts in place a voter-removal process as detailed as the one for removing felons.”

Election supervisors put voter purge on hold [Florida Current] “Florida can use a federal immigration database to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls, but there’s doubt it will lead to any names being deleted this election cycle. There’s likely not enough time.”

Woman cut twice from voter rolls is dead certain she’s alive [Orlando Sentinel] “Connie Smith is not dead, and she has a signed-and-sealed state certificate to prove it. But that’s not always enough. State and Orange County elections officials keep bumping her off voter rolls, because they think she is dead.”

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