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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – July 30

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP Fla. Republican: We wanted to suppress black votes [Salon] “Florida’s disgraced former GOP chairman says the party had meetings about ‘keeping blacks from voting'”

Fla. Republican Chairman Embroiled In Criminal Charges [CBS Miami] “Even as embattled Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer fights criminal charges related to his former tenure, he is also suing two law firms in connection with his downfall as the party’s leader.” 

Former FL GOP chair calls party officials liars, “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” [Daily Kos] “Lost amid the Olympics and Romney’s gaffe-a-thon is some stunning Republican Party in-fighting here in Florida – just in time for the RNC Convention in Tampa! In a stunning deposition that just become public a few days ago, former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer denounced state officials in his party as liars and ‘whack-a-do, right-wing crazies’ (!!!) and accused them of scheming on ways to suppress black votes, an accusation with great relevance given Gov. Rick Scott’s current efforts to suppress the vote in Florida.” 

Crist has Greer problem if he runs again for governor [Orlando Sentinel] “But Crist has past-performance questions to answer if he wants his old job back: first and foremost, explaining away Jim Greer, who is awaiting trial on money laundering and fraud charges.”


OBAMA TO ORLANDO Obama back in Orlando next week [Orlando Sentinel] “President Barack Obama plans to visit Orlando again next week as part of a two-day tour of three battleground states, his campaign announced this afternoon.” 

Obama campaign to highlight middle class tax cuts in Sarasota [Tampa Bay Times] “The Obama campaign says it will spread this flier around Sarasota later today, part of an effort to contrast the president’s tax cut plan with Republicans.”

Letter: GOP attack ads unfairly blame Obama for deficit [Florida Today LTE] “Republican attack ads are extremely unfair and deceptive” 

The president supports small business [Florida Times Union LTE] “As the owner of a small business in Jacksonville, I know that investing in American industry will help us rebuild our economy. President Barack Obama is looking out for business owners like me because he knows we’re the ones who drive our local economies.”


RICK SCOTT’S PARTISAN LAWSUITS WASTING TAX PAYER DOLLARS Tab for taxpayers in suits over Scott-backed laws hefty and growing [Orlando Sentinel]  “Lawsuits over major legislation championed by Gov. Rick Scott more than a year ago are still working their way through the courts, and the legal bills for Florida’s taxpayers continue to mount.”

Gov. Scott stokes fears, misleads public on ACA [Miami Herald guest column] ” Florida Gov. Rick Scott has foolishly put partisanship before pragmatic governance by stating his intention to reject key opportunities available under the new law. The ACA allows Florida to expand Medicaid to cover individuals who earn less than roughly $15,000 a year and families of four earning less than about $31,000. This translates to about $20 billion in federal Medicaid funds to cover as many as 1.8 million Floridians who will otherwise go uninsured.”



Buchanan faces deposition [Sarasota Herald Tribune] “Kazran is also a central figure in three federal investigations related to Buchanan. Kazran has told the Federal Election Commission that Buchanan pushed him to arrange to illegally reimburse employees at a car dealership they owned for campaign donations. The FEC fined Kazran and the car dealership, but never penalized Buchanan for the reimbursements. The House Ethics Committee is now reviewing the issue to see if Buchanan pressured Kazran to submit false testimony during the FEC investigation. The U.S. Justice Department is also looking into Buchanan, according to his campaign.”

WTSP: Buchanan To Testify Under Oath [WTSP] 

Val Demings: Former Police Chief May Be #1 House Candidate in Country [Politics 365] “Demings, who was Orlando’s first woman to serve as police chief, would appear to be the type of candidate to beat the odds.  Though Florida Republicans made things easier for Webster during the redistricting process, Demings has consistently raised more money than her incumbent challenger in a clear sign the race will be competitive.”

Murphy in House 18 Democratic primary [Palm Beach Post Editorial] “Mr. Murphy was ready to challenge Rep. West in District 22, and switched to District 18 when Rep. West did. He is the best choice to challenge either Rep. West or Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder.”

Herald endorses Wilson and Romero Roses [Miami Herald editorial] “Ms. Wilson’s experience makes her the strongest candidate in this race. She is well-versed on a variety of issues and provides strong constituent service, especially for residents with immigration issues. For U.S. Congress in District 24, The Herald recommends FREDERICA WILSON.”

President Obama endorses Rep. Frederica Wilson [Miami Herald] “President Barack Obama released the following statement today supporting Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s (D-Fla.) re-election to represent Florida’s 24th Congressional District.”  



Early voting begins Monday in Hillsborough [Tampa Bay Times] “Early voting for the 2012 primary election begins Monday in Hillsborough County.” 

Loser of the week: Peter Nehr [Tampa Bay Times] “Congratulations on the weight loss and that razor wire bicep tattoo, state Rep. Nehr. But please spare us the photos of you in your skivvies.”

Among Florida Lawmakers, ALEC’s Influence Runs Deep [FCIR] “A coalition of progressive groups have released a new report documenting the extent of a conservative group’s influence over our lawmakers in Tallahassee. The report chronicles all the ways in which the American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC, has influenced public policy in the GOP-led Florida Legislature.”

Governor to water district: Sell off ‘surplus’ parks and preserves [Vero Beach Online] “That includes state parks, land bought with money approved by voters specifically for land conservation, and lands bought under the Florida Forever program – which may not be forever, after all.”

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