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Get Ready for An Awkard August in FL

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Scott’s popularity sags in new Q-poll

By Lloyd Dunkelberger, Herald-Tribune/ Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It’s no wonder that Mitt Romney is keeping his distance from Gov. Rick Scott.

A new independent survey shows that Scott remains unpopular among Florida voters heading to the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month.

The poll from Quinnipiac University, The New York Times and CBS News shows that 52 percent of the voters disapprove of Scott’s job as governor, with 36 percent approving and 13 percent undecided.

Scott’s popularity is upside down among most of the major subgroups, with the exception of Republican voters who approve by 66-21 percent margin. Democrats disapprove by 75-12 percent.

Independent voters disapprove by 53-36 percent; women voters disapprove, 53-33 percent; men disapprove, 50-40 percent; black voters disapprove, 70-12 percent; and Hispanic voters disapprove, 48-37 percent.

Scott is supported by Protestant voters, 50-39 percent, and religious conservatives, 53-36 percent.

Scott’s job performance is disapproved by all the subgroups when the voters are broken down by income or age. Even wealthier Floridians _ with households earning more than $100,000 a year _ disapprove by a 51-44 percent margin.

Scott’s strongest age bracket is among voters over the age of 65, although they still disapprove by a 44-42 percent margin.

Quinnipiac polled 1,177 likely voters between July 24-30. The poll has a margin of error of 2.9 percent.

Full results of the poll can be found here.

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