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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – August 7

IF ROMNEY WINS, THE MIDDLE CLASS LOSES Obama super PAC steps up Bain Capital attacks on Romney [Miami Herald] “Priorities USA says it is running this spot in Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio. It’s all part of an effort to turn Mitt Romney’s strength, his business record, into a weakness.” WATCH “UNDERSTANDS” HERE

The New Tax Calculator: President Obama’s Plan vs. Mitt Romney’s [OFA] “We asked people to use our new tax calculator to compare President Obama’s tax plan to Mitt Romney’s. This is what they found out.”


NEW FDP MEMO: RICK SCOTT & MITT ROMNEY, UNITED AT LAST  Florida Democratic Party rhapsodic over Rick Scott’s invite to RNC [Creative Loafing] “A day after it was announced that the Florida Governor would indeed get an opportunity to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux has released a memo entitled, ‘Rick Scott and Mitt Romney: United At Last.'” READ THE MEMO HERE

Dems Elated about Scott’s RNC Role [Capitol News Service] “‘Scott’s 52 percent disapproval rating is handicapping the Republican operation in Florida and it’s hamstringing Mitt Romney,’ said David Bergstein, a spokesman with the Florida Democrats. Democrats say they’re elated Scott and Romney will be sharing a stage even if it’s at different times. ‘We are extremely happy to welcome Governor Scott to the campaign trail and look forward to hearing him explain how he and Mitt Romney share the same Tea Party vision'”

“The timing of these allegations couldn’t be worse” 10 News Investigators: Former GOP Chair Jim Greer says party didn’t want minorities to vote [WTSP] “The 10 News Investigators are hearing from former Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer that the Republican Party of Florida has tried its best to suppress minority voting throughout Florida for years.”

Dems lead in overall voter reg [News Service of Florida] “Just under 4.6 million Democrats and about 4.1 million Republicans are registered to vote in Florida’s Aug. 14 primary…Democrats have been out-registering Republicans in recent months, and lead the GOP in numbers of registered voters”

MACK DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SHOW UP FOR WORK Group says Connie Mack has passed only one bill in Congress in seven years [Politifact] “Woody Allen once said 80 percent of success is showing up. And that’s the point American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic super PAC, makes in a farcical online video that criticizes U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV for a shabby attendance record, and for not getting much done…We rate the claim Mostly True.”

Bill Nelson to vote early, hoping to send message about Florida election law [Tampa Bay Times] “U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said he will cast a ballot tomorrow in early voting in Orlando, using it as an opportunity to highlight ‘lingering concerns and lawsuits over controversial changes to Florida’s election law.'”



Pelosi targets GOP Medicare plan at Frankel event near Boca [Palm Beach Post] “Pelosi and Frankel both ripped a proposal by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to change Medicare for those now 54 and younger from the current fee-for-service program to one in which the government would provide a subsidy to buy private health insurance.”

Pelosi says Allen West defeat would be sweet for country [Sun Sentinel] “The top Democrat in the Congress, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said Monday that ousting Florida’s most prominent Republican, U.S. Rep. Allen West, would be sweet for the country.”

“Shit Rep. Allen West Says”: The Epic Video Anthology [Mother Jones] “If Rep. Allen West, the tea party Republican from Florida, were a movie, he’d be the 1989 Dolph Lundgren action flick Red Scorpion: Loud, anti-communist, controversial, funded by the right, and hugely unnecessary.”


DWIGHT DUDLEY STANDING UP FOR RATE PAYERS Ratepayers stuck with nuclear plant charges [Tampa Bay Times] “Gov. Rick Scott is quick to rail against taxes and government waste, but not against utility rate increases. Legislative leaders who passed a 2006 law enabling electric utilities to charge customers up-front for nuclear plants have not grown any backbones.”

From Dwight Dudley: “‘This outrageous fee will cost Floridians more than one billion dollars – for something that may never be built,’ said Dudley. ‘My opponent says he regrets voting for it. I never would have voted for it, and I’ll vote to repeal it in the Florida House. And while I’m glad my opponent admits his costly mistake, it’s six years late and a billion dollars short. Farkas left Floridians holding the bill. Frankly, we just can’t afford more of his failed leadership.'”




Fla. AG battling with Legislature over settlement [AP] “Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is quietly feuding with the GOP-controlled Legislature over who should have a say over more than $300 million intended to help homeowners.”

Deadline to request absentee ballot for Florida’s Aug. 14 election is Wednesday [Palm Beach Post] “Florida Voters who want to cast their vote in the Aug. 14 election by mail have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to request an absentee ballot from their local supervisor of elections.”

Don’t take voting for granted [Orlando Sentinel editorial] “Game on! Between now and Aug.14, Floridians will get a chance to exercise a fundamental right that helps shape the course of government. The question is how many voters will take advantage of it?” 

NASA Curiosity rover sends back 1st color picture [AP] “NASA’s Curiosity rover has beamed back its first color photo from the ancient crater where it landed.”

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