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Memo: Rick Scott and Mitt Romney, United at Last

TO:            Political Reporters, Interested Parties

FROM:      Scott Arceneaux, Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party

DATE:       August 7, 2012

RE:            Rick Scott and Mitt Romney: United At Last

With 52-percent of Florida voters disapproving of the job Gov. Rick Scott has done, Florida Democrats are happy to hear that Scott has received a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. After all, who better than Rick “Toxic” Scott to serve as the face of Florida Republicans while the whole world is watching. And with his record of putting the Tea Party and corporate special interests ahead of middle class families, Scott is the perfect spokesman to explain how he shares Mitt Romney’s vision for Florida, and our country.

Here are the reasons Florida Democrats are happy to see Governor Scott receiving a speaking slot at this year’s Republican National Convention:

Rick Scott’s Toxic Brand, Rock-Bottom Approval Ratings. 

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found Scott’s approval rating is not only underwater, but his unpopularity is universal across virtually every subgroup: Independents, men, women, African Americans, Hispanics and all subgroups by income or age disapprove of the job Rick Scott has done. Scott remains the most unpopular Governor in the country.

It’ll be tough for Romney to do the Duck, Dodge and Weave.

Mitt Romney hasn’t appeared with Gov. Scott once, and during each of his 54-visits to the state he’s been forced to duck, dodge and weave around Scott’s toxic brand.

But with the full glare of the national spotlight on Florida, Mitt Romney will find there will be no escaping the long shadow of the home-state governor’s rock bottom approval ratings during the GOP’s convention. 

Rick Scott is undercutting Mitt Romney’s central theme and message.

Scott has compounded Romney’s problems in Florida by undercutting Mitt Romney’s central message – trumpeting Florida’s positive economic growth under President Obama.

Even though Romney has warned Scott to tone down the positive economic news, Scott doesn’t seem interested in taking the hint. These conflicting messages from Scott and Romney only confuse the voters the GOP is attempting to persuade – and convention’s home-state governor will once again undermine Romney as he attempts to make his case. 

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