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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – August 9

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA Florida Small Business Owners Show Support for President Obama’s Middle-Out Economic Vision [South Florida Caribbean News] ” Since taking office, President Barack Obama has signed 18 different tax cuts into law and he continues to call on Congress to prevent a 98 percent tax hike on Americans and a 97 percent increase for small businesses.”

Obama campaign to celebrate Sotomayor’s anniversary [Orlando Sentinel] “ The re-election campaign of President Barack Obama will be highlighting his efforts to get Puerto Rican Sonia Sotomayoronto the U.S. Supreme Court with celebrations in select locations, including a Kissimmee restaurant today.”

Obama to blanket Tampa airwaves for convention [Politico] “President Barack Obama will be at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this month — on local TV, that is.”


YET ANOTHER PAPER PASSES ON MACK — AN “UNDISTINGUISHED” RECORD The Ledger Recommends – U.S. Senate: Dave Weldon [Ledger Editorial] “Mack’s record is undistinguished. Finding legislation he wrote or in which played a key role, and that passed, is difficult. Also, in the first quarter of this year, Mack missed 43 percent of the House’s votes — 65 votes out of 151 votes, reports In the second quarter, he missed 25.1 percent of the House’s votes — 75 votes of 299 votes. Mack’s lackluster House record and his unwillingness to face the public for hard questions — in debates or before editorial boards — leaves him an unworthy Senate candidate.”



Steve Southerland Flaunts His New Beltway Insider Status [FDP] “Top targeted, vulnerable GOP congressman Steve Southerland campaigned on reforming Washington — but it’s clear that all this Tea Partier turned insider has done is gone Washington. Now Congressman Southerland is bringing the broken politics of Washington back to the Florida — holding a ritzy fundraiser with Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Tallahassee this morning”

Super PAC Ad: West Socked It To Seniors, Whacked Women, Mauled Middle-Class [FLDemocracy2012] “In its first TV ad, a Super PAC…portrays Rep. Allen West as a cartoonish boxer who ‘socked it to seniors,’ ‘whacked women,’ and ‘mauled middle-class families’ with his policy votes.” WATCH “FIGHTER” HERE

AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU and the Teamsters all endorse Jessica Ehrlich for Congress [Ehrlich for Congress] “The AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU and the Teamsters have all thrown their support behind Jessica Ehrlich in her bid to unseat Representative Bill Young.”



Fernandez is new interim chairman of Manatee DEC [Manatee County DEC] “The Manatee County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee is pleased to announce the election of David A. Fernandez Esq., as the Interim Chairman of the Manatee County Democratic Party.”

Concern exists over whether Marco Rubio is ready to be vice president [Florida Times Union] “‘But he’s not ready for that job yet.’ Running as vice president now could damage Rubio’s long-term prospects if he’s judged not ready for the job, the same way Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin were hurt, Slade said.”

Protecting the best of Florida [Tampa Tribune Editorial] “Florida environmental groups have launched a campaign to pass a constitutional amendment that would establish a dedicated funding source for land and water conservation. The benefits of this worthy idea would extend far beyond woods, beaches and springs.”

Florida voter purge legal fight could last beyond the elections [News Service of Florida] “A legal battle over Florida’s controversial attempt to purge ineligible voters might not be resolved until next year — after this fall’s elections, according to a document filed Wednesday.”

Another Scott departure? Prisons chief seeks new job [Miami Herald] “The fifth man to run the prison system in the past six years is angling for a new job.  On the job for less than a year as chief of the nation’s third-largest prison system, Tucker has told his senior staff and Gov. Rick Scott’s office that he may leave as soon as October”

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