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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – August 21, 2012

“RYAN THE PANDERING PERSUADER” Ryan the pandering persuader [Tampa Bay Times column] “Sending Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan into the Villages to defend his proposal to transform Medicare into a bingo game had all the faux moxie of Pat Buchanan lashing out against same-sex marriage before the College of Cardinals.” 

Florida would feel effects of Ryan budget in many ways [Tallahassee Democrat] “Ryan’s plan calls for reforming the tax code in a way that would reduce taxes on high-income earners, cut corporate taxes and eliminate some tax breaks.” 

Obama campaign launches radio ad hitting Romney, Ryan on Medicare  [Orland Sentinel] “Obama For America is launching a new radio ad in Florida arguing that the Medicare proposals of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan would hurt Florida seniors.”

Deutch raps Romney, Ryan on Medicare [Palm Beach Post] “Paul Ryan‘s recent Florida campaign appearance with his mother proves that the Republican plan to overhaul Medicare is a bad deal for future retirees, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, told a seniors group this morning.”

First he flips, then he flops Ryan Addresses Cuba, Immigration [FLDemocracy2012] “During his interview with FLDemocracy, Ryan sought to reassure Cuban-Americans in South Florida that despite voting to lift the embargo against Cuba in 2001 and 2004, he has since changed his position on the issue.”


MICHELLE OBAMA TO FLORIDA First Lady Visits Florida Ahead Of GOP Convention [FLDemocracy2012] “President Obama’s most powerful campaign weapon, First Lady Michelle Obama, will be back in the Sunshine State on Wednesday for a grassroots rally in Fort Lauderdale.” 


DEMS PLAN COUNTER-CONVENTION Dems plan counter-convention in Fla [Tampa Bay Times] “Democrats have been pretty tight-lipped about their plans to bracket the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but they have an aggressive program in the works to get their message out from outside the Tampa Bay Times Forum and in battleground states across the country.” 

Tea party influences GOP platform talks in Tampa [Tampa Bay Times] “When Republicans nominated John McCain for president in 2008, conservative groups associated with the tea party had yet to form.Four years later, these groups say they are practically writing the party platform ahead of the Republican National Convention here next week.”

GOP platform spoiler alert – no exception for rape, incest in abortion plank [Tampa Bay Times] “But The Buzz obtained a draft of a section on Monday, and it doesn’t disappoint. It tilts to the right.” 

Billboard reminds GOP Tampa leaders are Democrats [Tampa Tribune] “A billboard scheduled to go up today on Interstate 275 at Armenia Boulevard welcomes Republicans to a city ‘Where the mayor and all city council members are Democrats.’ It adds, for good measure, ‘Enjoy our well-run city!'”


MACK TIED TO AKIN’S RAPE-BILL CONTROVERSY Mack joined Akin on forcible rape bill [Miami Herald] “Mack, incidentally, was one of 277 cosponsors (almost all Republican, including Akin) of H.R. 3, No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. One version of the act used the phrase “forcible rape.” Abortion-rights groups objected strenuously. And now they’re drawing a connection between the “forcible rape” phrase and “legitimate rape.” 

FALSE: Connie Mack said Bill Nelson voted to raise taxes 150 times [Politifact] “The overall message here is misleading. We rate this claim False.” 

League of Conservation Voters endorses Nelson  [Orlando Sentinel] “The League of Conservation Voters announced it has endorsed Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson for re-election, saying he earned a perfect 100 percent in the group’s legislative scorecard.” 



Congressman linked to FBI probe [News Herald] “A report on an influential political website about a skinny-dipping incident in the Sea of Galilee linked U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland of Panama City to the controversy. Southerland’s opponent in the November primary, Al Lawson, seized on the report”

Skinny-dipping in Israel: GOP lawmakers reprimanded for drinking, swimming report says [Washington Post] ” The Florida Democratic Party, called news of Southerland’s involvement ‘an embarrassment to all Floridians.’” 

Southerland defends swim in Sea of Galilee during Israel trip [Tallahassee Democrat]
Southerland among lawmakers who jumped in Sea of Galilee [Tampa Bay Times] 
Southerland Among GOP Reps Involved in Late Night Swim [WJHG]
Steve Southerland Swam With Skinny Dipping Congressmen in Sea of Galilee, According to Sources [Miami New times]  

J.R. Gaillot picks up Florida AFL-CIO endorsement [Florida Times Union] “Democratic congressional candidate J.R. Gaillot has received the endorsement of the Florida AFL-CIO.”



Maria Sachs launches first TV Ad [Sachs] “As a former prosecutor, Maria worked hard to get criminals off our streets and has stood up for children and families.”WATCH “FORMER PROSECUTOR, FIGHTING FOR YOU” HERE. 

Florida Legislature May See Changes in the Chamber After November [WCTV] “Florida’s changing demographics, combined with redistricting, are giving Democrats a prime opportunity to mount a comeback.”

Out from the shadows — at last [Miami Herald editorial] “After years of crushing disappointment, young people born elsewhere but raised in this country without benefit of proper documentation have an opportunity to relieve the anxiety and desperation that comes with living with the perpetual fear of deportation. A change in immigration policy that went into effect last week offers them a two-year reprieve from summary expulsion.”

Lights out [Gainesville Sun Editorial] “If there was ever a question that the Florida Legislature should revisit a 2006 law that allows the state’s power companies to charge their customers ahead of time for the costs of planning and designing nuclear power plants, Progress Energy Florida’s new CEO’s testimony before the Public Service Commission last week certainly removed all doubt.”

Florida turns down $4.9 million from federal government designed to strengthen parenting [Tampa Bay Times] “Earlier this month, the Florida Department of Health turned down a $4.9 million federal grant that already has helped 84 Pinellas County families and hundreds more statewide.” 

Is decision bad news for Florida’s wetlands? [Orlando Sentinel] “Florida environmental officials have approved a controversial “land bank” business that would generate profits by replacing wetlands paved over by developers, even though one of their own experts warned earlier this year that the project’s environmental value was inflated and could lead to a net loss of wetlands statewide.”

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