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Webster Has Some Explaining To Do About His Anti-Women Record

If Congressman Webster ever holds another Town Hall, he’ll have some explaining to do about his long and extremist anti-women record

Tallahassee, FL — Congressman Dan Webster hasn’t been accountable to the people of his district — but if he ever holds another one of his rare public Town Hall appearances, he’ll have some serious explaining to do about his support for Ryan’s Plan to end Medicare as we know it and his anti-women record. Webster has perhaps the worst record on women’s issues of any legislator in Florida’s history — from sponsoring a “covenant marriage” bill which would limit women’s ability to divorce their husbands, to opposing abortion even in cases of rape or incest — just like Congressman Akin. And even worse, Webster voted to raise the cost of healthcare for women and seniors by supporting Ryan’s plan which would force women to pay over $6,000 more a year in healthcare costs and raise prescription costs for female seniors by an average of $599 a year.

“Congressman Webster hasn’t been accountable to his constituents because he can’t explain his vitriolic, anti-women record — a record which which would make Todd Akin blush,” said Brannon Jordan, spokeswoman for the Florida Democratic Party. “Not only did he vote for Ryan’s plan which would raise the cost of healthcare for Florida’s women by thousands every year by turning medicare into a voucher system, he’s supported and championed legislation that would turn Florida’s women into virtually second class citizens. Republicans like Webster continue to show middle class families that they are more interested in pursuing an extremist agenda than improving our economy or helping businesses create jobs. It’s time for Webster to man up and answer for his attacks on Florida’s mothers, sisters and daughters.” 


The Dan Webster Record For Women: Too Extreme For Florida 

1982: Webster voted against the equal rights amendment. “Webster voted against the Equal Rights Amendment when the Florida Legislature considered the amendment in 1982.  The House passed the bill 60-58, with Webster voting against it. The bill failed in the Senate, 16-22. [Miami Herald, 6/22/82] 

1990: Webster sponsored a “Covenant Marriage” bill limiting women’s ability to divorce. In 1990, Webster sponsored a bill in which adultery would be the only grounds for divorce.  The bill also said “no alimony shall be granted to an adulterous wife,” with no mention of an adulterous husband. If both spouses had committed adultery, divorce would not be granted. [Palm Beach Post, 12/02/96] 

1995: Webster opposed to sex education. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Webster is opposed to sex education. [Orlando Sentinel, 3/07/95] 

 1996: Webster opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Webster has said that he opposes abortion in all cases, including cases of rape or incest. [St. Petersburg Times, 11/17/96] 

1996: Webster blasted by female representatives for anti-women policies. Prior to the vote to choose the next Speaker, state Rep. Debra Prewitt (D) sent a letter to fellow female representatives, urging them to vote against Webster. “Do you really want a leader who has voted against legislation that helps  battered women, who would keep women trapped in abusive marriages, and who  would have government intervene in matters where it doesn’t belong?” the letter said. “Under the leadership of Dan Webster, I fear the women of Florida would find themselves with fewer choices about their lives,” [St. Petersburg Times, 11/24/96]

2008: Webster voted to require women to view ultrasound before receiving an abortion. In 2008, Webster sponsored a controversial bill (SB 2400) that would force women who are having an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy to pay for and view an ultrasound of the fetus. [SB 2400, Roll Call 2, 4/30/08; Bradenton Herald, 5/01/08; Orlando Sentinel, 5/01/08]

2011: Webster voted for Ryan’s budget would raise healthcare costs for women seniors. House Republicans voted to raise health care costs and prescription drug costs for women seniors. The FY2012 Republican Budget would force women seniors to pay over $6,000 more a year in health care costs. In addition, the Republican Budget reopens the Medicare Part D prescription drug “donut hole.” This would raise prescription drug costs by an average of $599 a year for women seniors in America. [Link to vote: Vote #277]


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