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FL's Congressional Dem Candidates Speak Out

As Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan prepares to address the Republican National Convention tonight, Florida’s Democratic Congressional candidates are on offense: calling out Florida Republican’s support for the Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform and their budget plan which would turn Medicare into a voucher system, raise the cost of healthcare for seniors by thousands, and restrict access to lifesaving healthcare for Florida’s women. Here’s what they’re saying: 


“While Congressman Paul Ryan tries to convince the American people tonight that destroying Medicare forever and making seniors pay up to $6,400 out of pocket for their health care is a good thing, will Steve Southerland stay silent or defend the out of touch and dangerous Southerland-Ryan plan in these areas? The people of north Florida will continue to wait on Southerland’s answers — and we’ll be hoping that he doesn’t participate in any booze-fueled, skinny dipping in the Tampa Bay.”


“Republicans chose Rep. Paul Ryan as nominee for VP and now they have adopted his plan to turn medicare into a voucher program as part of their extreme platform. Rep. Bill Young clearly supports this agenda that would force seniors to pay at least $6,400 a year more for their healthcare. Once again his support of Ryan and his plan to end Medicare as we know it shows he’s lost touch with our district. I will always work to ensure the integrity of programs for our seniors.” 


“Tonight, Congressman Vern Buchanan is fully embracing Congressman Paul Ryan and his plan to end Medicare as we know it for over 170,000 seniors in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.  The Buchanan-Ryan plan would raise healthcare costs for our seniors by thousands of dollars every year. Our community deserves pragmatic, common sense ideas to solve our nation’s budget challenges, but they can’t be on the backs of Suncoast seniors and middle class families.  I’ve pledged to support and protect Social Security and Medicare, and will gladly work with members of both parties that are willing to take a thoughtful, serious approach to solving Medicare’s fiscal problems and expanding benefits to seniors.  I will continue to fight back against plans like those proposed by Congressmen Buchanan and Ryan that would dismantle these vital programs. ”   


“Allen West has been an enthusiastic supporter of Paul Ryan and his budget, proudly voting for it twice. Floridians do not want to see Medicare sacrificed and seniors’ health care costs rise by over $6,000 a year in order to provide more tax giveaways to the wealthy and large corporations. Yet my opponent is in Tampa today to once again support Paul Ryan and this controversial plan, showing how truly out of touch he is.”


“Paul Ryan is exactly why Washington isn’t working. Middle class families are worrying about paying for gas and groceries. Kitchen table stuff. And larger things too, like sending their kids to college and saving for retirement. The Ryan-Romney plan will raise taxes on the middle class, cut funding for women’s health, prescription drugs and student loans, and end the Medicare so many seniors and their families depend on.”

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