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Florida Democratic Party News Clips – September 11

Via @WhiteHouseLive: “President Obama on the legacy of #September11th: It will be a safer world; a stronger nation; and a people more united than ever before.”

Time to rekindle spirit [Sun Sentinel editorial] “Today, we again acknowledge a date seared in the collective memory of those old enough to remember the events of eleven years ago, and imprinted in the civic awareness of those too young. It is a date that sharpens the pain of loss for loved ones who perished in the 9-11 tragedies, and causes us to reflect upon the transformation they wrought in the nation’s consciousness.”

Paying respects on this special day [Florida Times Union editorial] “For those who were young on Sept. 11, 2001, this date also demands recognition and respect. Everything changed on that day. People recall where they were when they heard the news or watched the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on TV. That an attack could be waged on America, going after civilians to boot, shocked the nation and demanded a reaction.” 



Former President Clinton heads to West Palm to stump for Obama, Frankel, Murphy [Palm Beach Post] “Former President Bill Clinton, who in 2010 asked South Florida voters to give Democrats two more years to prove themselves in a tough economy, will be in the state Tuesday and Wednesday stumping for President Obama and raising money for Democratic congressional candidates Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy.” 

Leading indicators? Big crowds, Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ & even a bear hug greet surging Obama FL [Miami Herald] “Put it all together and it looks like there’s an increase in enthusiasm for Obama that’s visible in Florida.” 

Obama visit makes for ‘frantic’ day at West Tampa Sandwich Shop [Tampa Tribune] “If you want a honey Cuban or a tripleta, just tell your server to order up an Obama. You’ll have to choose which of the two you want, but the good news is you can’t go wrong either way”

Romney’s clumsy pivot on health reform [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “Mitt Romney, who was for health care reform before he was against it, now sounds like he’s for it again. Or maybe not. The Republican presidential nominee said over the weekend that he would keep key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law he vows to repeal. Then a Romney aide said that wasn’t exactly right. In any event, this clumsy pivot toward a general election campaign underscores the popularity of some portions of health care reform and the foolishness of Romney’s unqualified pledge to kill it.”


ON THE CONGRESSIONAL FRONT:  Key Witness Disappears In Case Tied To Rep. David Rivera [Talking Points Memo] “A key witness in a federal probe tied to the first-term Congressman disappeared last week, just before a scheduled meeting with prosecutors and the FBI. Her whereabouts remain unknown almost a week later. ” 

CREW Congratulates August’s Scoundrel of the Month: David Rivera [CREW] “One look at last year’s list will tell you the Sunshine State is rife with corrupt members of Congress – including Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) – but Rep. Rivera still manages to stand out.  At the time our 2011 report came out, he was under investigation by five separate entities, including the FBI and IRS, for multiple money laundering and tax evasion schemes.” 

Appraiser: Habitat Was Misled in Buchanan Land Deal [WUSF] “A Habitat for Humanity chapter ‘was misled’ when it purchased a piece of property from the brother of Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota, according to a board member who also is a property appraiser. 

Get to work, Congress [Miami Herald editorial] “If members of Congress, like school students, had to turn in an essay on “What I did last summer,” it wouldn’t take long to write. They didn’t do much in the months leading up to August except engage in political infighting and perhaps scrounge around for scandals that might embarrass the Obama administration.”


ON THE STATE LEG FRONT:  Democrat Dwight Dudley rips Republican Frank Farkas again on 2006 vote [Tampa Bay Times] “In one of the most competitive state house districts in Florida, Democrat Dwight Dudley continues to hit his Republican opponent Frank Farkas over a 2006 vote. Both men are battling to fill the seat for House District 68, which cover much of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park. In 2006, Farkas was a legislator and voted for SB 888, allowing utility companies like Progress Energy to charge ratepayers for construction costs of nuclear plants regardless of their completion.”

Video: In Pinellas House race, Dwight Dudley launches video attacking “Farkas fee” for nukes [Tampa Bay Times] “In the competitive state House District 68 race in south Pinellas, Democrat Dwight Dudley is hammering Frank Farkas for supporting legislation to charge consumers fees for power plants that may never be built.” 

Sen. Rich rallies support against GOP-backed constitutional amendments [Florida Current] “Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich met with several organizations Sunday to gather support against two constitutional amendments placed on the November ballot by the GOP-led Legislature.”



Rick Scott Rejects Health Care Funds That Would Keep Disabled Kids Out of Nursing Homes [Mother Jones] “Florida’s Republican governor Rick Scott loathes Obamacare so much that he turned down $40 million in federal health care funds that would keep hundreds of disabled kids at home with their parents, rather than warehoused in nursing homes. So says the Department of Justice, whose civil rights division recently investigated the situation in Florida.” 

Gov. Scott likely to face tough questions from teachers, parents on FCAT, merit pay during Boca Raton visit [Palm Beach Post] “Palm Beach County educators are ready to give Florida Gov. Rick Scott an earful when he stops at Boca Raton High School Tuesday as part of his 10-city education ‘listening’ tour. 

Scott’s education ‘listening tour’ to be behind closed doors [Times/Herald] “Gov. Rick Scott embarks on his “listening tour” of parents and teachers today at Pinedale Elementary in Jacksonville this afternoon and, the event is invitation only and will be closed.”

First magnitude, too [Ocala Star Banner editorial] “Silver Springs has been at the heart of the latest round in Florida’s ongoing water debate, largely because of the multimillion-gallon-a-day water permit being sought by nearby Adena Springs Ranch. Because of its iconic status as a Florida natural wonder, Silver Springs and the river it feeds have become a rallying point for water advocates and environmentalists statewide concerned about the health of all Florida’s waterways.”

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