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Florida Democratic Party News Clips — September 12, 2012


Dems launch ads for Bruno and Castor Dentel. Preview of attacks to come against Hukill and Plakon? [Orlando Sentinel] “The Florida Democratic Party today is launching new television ads promoting its candidates in Central Florida’s two most competitive legislative races: Volusia County Chairman Frank Bruno in Senate District 8 and teacher Karen Castor Dentel in House District 30.” 

THE BIG DOG IN FLORIDA Clinton, Obama’s go-to Democrat, fires up crowd at FIU [Miami Herald] “The Secretary of Explaining Stuff came to Miami on Tuesday — and he lived up to the new nickname given him by President Barack Obama. From Medicare to education policy to the national debt, former President Bill Clinton held forth at Florida International University for a 40-minute speech that showered praise on Obama and condemned Republican policy.” 

Clinton to boost Obama, local Dems, in Orlando Wednesday [Orlando Sentinel] “If there’s one takeaway from last week’s Democratic convention, it’s that former President Bill Clinton could be his party’s best weapon this fall. So it’s little surprise that Clinton — riding a favorable rating of 69 percent, according to recent polling — is being dispatched to the swing region of Central Florida Wednesday to rally supporters and boost Democratic candidates.”

Top Campaign Surrogates Arrive In Florida [FLDemocracy2012] “Former President Bill Clinton is in the midst of his two-day Florida campaign trip for President Barack Obama – starting with a speech at Florida International University.”

Clinton trip to aid Obama (and Hillary too) [Sun Sentinel] “Congressional candidate Joe Garcia is giving one of several planned warm up speeches for Clinton. He hopes to reprsent FIU in Congress, so he started on the most local of political notes.”


ROMNEY “INTRINSICALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY”  Multiple- Choice Mitt on abortion [Tampa Bay Times column] “Romney wants evangelical voters to hear this answer and see his choice of ‘no exceptions’ Ryan. He wants independents and women to think his stance on abortion is less doctrinaire. Like his prior “pro-choice” years, it adds up to little more than audience-ready views, made to order and intrinsically untrustworthy.”

Romney has no way to pay for his new Romneycare [Palm Beach Post Editorial] “Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan promised at their convention to level with Americans about what the country can and can’t afford. But the versions of health care reform and Pentagon spending that Mr. Romney is offering aren’t on the level.”

Fla poll: Barack Obama 48%, Mitt Romney 44%; Nelson 47%, Mack 36% [Tampa Bay Times] “In pivotal Florida, Barack Obama comes out of the Democratic National Convention 4 points atop Mitt Romney, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFLA-TV in Tampa.” 

REVERSE ROBIN HOOD: Buchanan Steals From the Poor To Give to the Rich [FDP] More disturbing, but unsurprising allegations have come to light about Congressman Vern Buchanan’s financial misdeeds. This time Buchanan is under fire for allegations that he “benefited” from shady real estate dealings: taking advantage of Habitat for Humanity and using the funds swindled from the charity as collateral to finance a multi-million dollar loan from Bank of America. Buchanan has not yet explained whether this loan was used to pay for his legal defense. “

DCCC highlights scandals surrounding three Republican incumbents in tough races [The Hill] “Buchanan has been under various investigations, including ones launched by the House Ethics Committee and the Department of Justice, into possibly illegal campaign donations” 

SCOTT TAKES HEAT FOR SECRET LISTENING TOUR Duval School Board members unhappy with Gov. Rick Scott [Florida Times Union] “Duval County School Board members are miffed at Gov. Rick Scott for banning them from his invitation-only roundtable discussions at a local school about how to improve education.”

Gov. Scott’s ‘listening tour’ of schools takes him to Boca Raton High, and often behind closed doors [Palm Beach Post] “Gov. Rick Scott came to Boca Raton High School on the latest stop of his “listening tour” to get ideas on how to improve education, though most of what he actually heard and told to students, teachers and parents was behind closed doors.”

Open up Scott’s school meetings to the public [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “As Florida Gov. Rick Scott tours the state on an education “listening tour,” he and the state’s schools would be better served with open meetings, not invitation-only events…These are public schools, funded with public dollars, and the public has a right to see how an elected public servant addresses education concerns.”

Florida Investigates K12, Nation’s Largest Online Educator [State Impact] “Florida’s Department of Education has launched an investigation of K12, the nation’s largest online educator, over allegations the company uses uncertified teachers and asked employees to help cover up the practice.” 


Put a stop to planned nuclear plant [Tampa Bay Times editorial] “The PSC, the governor and the Legislature should not accept Lyash’s confident predictions at face value. They should protect consumers and stop Duke Energy from billing its ratepayers for a nuclear plant that should not be built.” 

Iconic tourist attraction Silver Springs is ailing, water managers told [Orlando Sentinel] “Silver Springs in Marion County is increasingly polluted and dwindling in flow, according to an environmental investigation that state water managers were briefed about Tuesday.”

Florida early voting fight heading back to court [Tampa Bay Times] “Eight weeks before Election Day, as the state seeks federal approval of its new eight-day, 96-hour early voting timetable, U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville, wants a federal judge to return early voting to its old 14-day schedule. That, Brown argues in court papers, would allow African-American churches to mobilize black voters on the Sunday that immediately precedes the election.”

With conventions over, delegates’ work begins [Florida Current] “‘It was wonderful. It was exhilarating, inspirational. It was awesome,’ said Ruth Bedell, a Tallahassee resident who was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention…The contacts and volunteer work provided by the delegates who attended the conventions may be more valuable than money to their respective parties.”

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