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Florida Democratic Party News Clips — September 14, 2012

FL DEMS LAUNCH NEW TV AD: “STAND” Dems start TV ads for Linda Stewart in HD 47 [Orlando Sentinel] “Two days after launching ads to promote Frank Bruno in Senate District 8 and Karen Castor Dentel in House District 30, the Florida Democratic Party today starts advertising for Linda Stewart in House District 7.” 


FL DEMS BLAST SCOTT AND GOP FOR FAILED EDUCATION POLICIES  Democrats criticize budget cuts as Scott touts education [News Service of Florida] “”When Republicans like Rick Scott say they care about education — but gut the funding for schools causing thousands of teachers to be laid off — it’s hard to trust them with Florida’s future,’ Jose Javier Rodriguez, who is running for a South Florida House seat… elementary school teacher Karen Castor Dentel, who is running for a suburban Orlando House seat, have hit the education issue hard in ads. Dentel is challenging Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, in House District 30. ‘It’s sad that politicians like Rick Scott and Scott Plakon have chosen to gut this vital investment – draining millions of dollars from local public schools while handing out tax breaks to special interests,’ Dentel said in a statement this week” 

Governor listens — teachers want him to act [Orlando Sentinel column] “The sign made no mention of the $1.3 billion Scott had cut the year before…It was a bit like a mugger stealing $40 from your purse — and then seeking praise for returning $30” 

If Scott had been listening, he wouldn’t need a ‘listening tour.’ [Palm Beach Post editorial] “If Gov. Scott had been listening before now, he would not have cut education by more than $1 billion his first year in office or first proposed to cut it even more. If Gov. Scott had been listening before now, he would not have cut higher education by $300 million his second year in office.” 

Teachers tell Scott morale is low and they feel disrespected [Orlando Sentinel] “Outside the school, parent Gracie Fowler, who has two children at Fern Creek, took part in a small protest against Scott’s visit. She didn’t like that Scott’s meeting wasn’t open to parents and called his visit a ‘disrespectful …photo op.'” 


FL DEMS OUT REGISTER GOP FOR 7 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS Florida Democrats like their chances in tight presidential election [Gannett] “Democrats are also pleased with their grassroots efforts. The Florida Democratic Party reports it has out-registered Republicans for seven straight months. Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith said he’s seeing more enthusiasm among Democrats since the convention compared to four years ago during Obama’s winning campaign. 


BOTH OBAMAS TO FLORIDA  Both Obamas in Florida next week [Sarasota Herald Tribune] “Both President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are already planning to be back in Florida next week.” 

Michelle Obama speaks at UF Monday [Ocala Star Banner] “Michelle Obama remains a big draw in Gainesville, if the long line Thursday evening waiting for free tickets to her speech here next week is any indication.”

Spanish-language TV ad in Florida rips Mitt Romney [Tampa Bay Times] “The Service Employees International Union and Priorities USA Action, a pro-Obama Super PAC, announced a series of Spanish-language ads against Mitt Romney’s ‘extreme positions on issues important to Hispanic families.’ The ads include this one for Florida, which uses Romney’s words against him.”

New Video: The Top Five Reasons Why Mitt Romney Won’t Release More Tax Returns [OFA] “The top 5 reasons Mitt Romney won’t release more tax returns. What else is he hiding? Only Mitt Romney knows.”

FL poll: Obama 49-Romney 44. Bill Nelson up by 14 [Miami Herald] “A just-released NBC/WSJ/Marist poll of likely voters: finds President Obama with an inside-the-error-margin lead over Mitt Romney, 49-44 percent. Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson holds an overwhelming 14 percentage point lead against Republican challenger Connie Mack”



Don’t expect to see C.W. Bill Young debate challenger in congressional race [Tampa Bay Times] “League of Women Voters officials say the no-show is typical behavior for Young, now seeking his 22nd term in Congress. Young has not shown up for a league-sponsored candidate forum in the past 25 years, according to Mary Berglund, who has helped organize forums for the league since 1986. Young always says he has other commitments and can’t participate, she said…Young said he’s just too busy for debates” 

Cook Political Reports moves Rivera’s CD 26 into the ‘Toss-up’ column [SaintPeters Blog] “Cook Political Reports has updated its rating of the CD 26 race — pitting Democratic challenger against Republican incumbent David Rivera — from Lean Republican to Toss-Up.” 



Dwight Dudley fires back at Frank Farkas [Saint Peters Blog] Following yesterday’s comments by candidate Frank Farkas in this blog and the Tampa Bay Times Bay Buzz blog, Democrat Dwight Dudley, candidate for House District 68, sent the following letter to Farkas.”

After mistakenly purging voters, Florida adds them back [New York Times/Sarasota Herald Tribune] “In a partial victory for voter rights and immigrant groups, Florida residents who were mistakenly removed from the voter rolls this year because the state classified them as noncitizens will be returned to the rolls and allowed to vote in November.”

Feds give final OK for 8 early voting days, state says [Tampa Bay Times] “Gov. Rick Scott’s administration has announced that the U.S. Department of Justice has given its final OK for Florida’s new eight-day schedule of early voting in five counties that are under federal civil rights supervision, ending 15 months of costly and contentious litigation.”

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