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Statement on Romney's Insulting Comments At Florida Fundraiser Insulting Half of All Americans

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith issued the following statement today in response to Mitt Romney’s insulting comments videotaped at a Florida fundraiser stating that his job “is not to worry” about half of all Americans. 


“Mitt Romney’s words weren’t just insulting, they revealed his true, underlying vision for America. In Mitt Romney’s America, if you aren’t born to wealth and privilege like he was — if you are a firefighter, a teacher, a student or senior — you’re on your own and can expect nothing from a Romney administration. That’s not an America I want to live in, because this vision for our country continues to prioritize the wealthiest few Americans while doing nothing to grow our economy for Florida’s millions of middle class families. Mitt Romney has finally offered specifics about his economic plan — but, unsurprisingly, these specifics have shocked and dismayed our entire country — and Republicans like Jeff Atwater who have defended Romney’s comments should be ashamed of themselves. A President’s job is to do what’s right for all Americans, which is why I call on all Florida elected officials — Republicans and Democrats — to condemn Romney’s insulting remarks.” 


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