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FL Dems Call on Adam Hasner to Stop Defending Romney's Insulting Remarks

Hasner Should Condemn Romney’s Inaccurate Comments Which Insult Half of All Americans

TALLAHASSEE, FL — In response to Adam Hasner’s defense of Romney’s insulting remarks writing off and disparaging half of all Americans, the Florida Democratic Party issued the following statement calling on Hasner to condemn’ Romney’s comments: 


“It’s not surprising that Adam Hasner has defended Mitt Romney’s insulting remarks writing off half of all Americans including seniors and veterans — just like Romney, Hasner wants to raise taxes on middle class families and raise the cost of healthcare for Florida’s seniors by over $6,000 a year while giving more tax breaks to the wealthiest few Americans. And just like Romney, Hasner has a long record of putting himself first: voting to give himself a taxpayer funded pay raise four times. 

“These remarks have revealed the Republican’s true vision for America  — if you are a firefighter, a teacher, a student or senior — you’re on your own and can expect nothing from a Romney administration. This vision for our country prioritizes the wealthiest few while doing nothing to grow our economy for Florida’s millions of middle class families. Hasner should stop defending these insulting comments, and he should send a message to his party’s nominee that the American people don’t appreciate being put down and disparaged by a multi-millionaire.” 


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