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Florida Dems Statement on RPOF's Announcement it will Wade into Merit Retention of Justices

Tallahassee, FL — Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith today issued the following statement in response to the Republican Party of Florida’s decision it will officially campaign to unseat Florida Supreme Court justices.

Statement from Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith:

“The politicization of the Supreme Court by this Governor and the Republican Party of Florida is wrong.  It’s wrong for Florida, wrong for the voters and wrong for the administration of justice in a state and nation that prides itself on our Constitution, favors a system of checks and balances and a fair and impartial judiciary. Republicans and Democrats came together to create a merit selection and retention process aimed at making the courts accountable to the people — not to the special interests that run Tallahassee. 

“This move is nothing more than a partisan power grab by this very unpopular Governor and his Party who have seen their Tea Party agenda fail to past muster time and again in the courts. Their last attempt to influence the court involved the creation of two separate courts — the people of Florida saw through that then and they will see this for what it is now.” 


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